Look, I have many addictions including but not limited to: nicotine, reality television, Forever 21 and my absolute most crippling addiction – coffee. I’m pretty excited that someone took the time to make me feel less guilty about my daily intake, with this super cute and informative lil’ vid. Unlike the tea freaks in my office who look down upon me with scorn as I sip from my mug of shame. Well guess what, Linda in HR… can’t stop, won’t stop and according to this video, there’s no real reason to stop. Team Espresso 4lyfe.

  • Melissa Ortiz

    Team Espresso!! I love tea but there is nothing like a mug of coffee in the morning.

  • Beth Curry

    I’m become obsessed (read: addicted) to dark chocolate covered coffee beans lately. They’re SO nice, and good in small doses.

  • Flo Chica

    THIS IS, LIKE, THE BEST VIDEO EVERR!! – Sincerly, Coffee addict WOOT!

  • Megan Cook

    HaHaHa, and here I thought it was bad that I was a coffee drinker from the time I was 14! Best Video Ever!!!!!!!!

  • Emma Jean

    I am a tea AND coffee addict, so many varieties of both. Gotta love caffeine!

  • Alex Smith Jersey

    This publish was really nicely penned, and additionally, it carries a good amount of handy information. I appreciated your professed method of creating this publish.

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