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You know what your local coffee shop needs? Owls

Attention owl lovers (there are quite of few of you guys, as it turns out)! Owl cafes are the new cat cafes. You can now drink coffee, enjoy owl-shaped snacks and hang out with domesticated owls — if you feel like taking a trip to Tokyo, that is. There are already tons of owl cafes throughout Japan, but the most popular cafe is Fukoro no Mise, where visitors are allowed to interact with and hold the owls. They are nice enough to give you a heads-up that owls can’t be potty trained, so if you’re unlucky (or lucky, depending on how much you like owls), you may walk away with more than just a good time. Owl cafes are definitely something we can get behind, but probably only if the drinks come with lids — just in case.

Here’s a video of what goes on at Fukoro no Mise:

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