Fictional Bro I Wish Was Real

Coach Eric Taylor From ‘Friday Night Lights'

Coach Eric Taylor, Friday Night Lights

Any fan of the gone-too-soon TELEVISION MASTERPIECE that is/was Friday Night Lights could tell you that the critically acclaimed show about high school football in rural Texas is extremely well-written, terribly heart wrenching and completely addictive. Any girl with half a brain who’s seen the show even once can tell you that upon getting to know Coach Eric Taylor, the show’s protagonist played by Kyle Chandler,  he quickly shot straight to the top of their celeb boner list. This dude is perfection.

Sure, Coach Taylor wears his sunglasses like a necklace sometimes and sure, he uses cell phone belt holsters, but in extreme cases of true love, you see past those things. The marriage between Coach and wife Tami Taylor has been called the “best marriage on television” and it’s a daunting task even thinking about the immensity of detail I can go into explaining how they rightfully won that title. But what I think the key proponent of why all of America finds this couple so successful is their communication. It’s their eye-to-eye communication alongside Eric’s willingness, even when he’s super stressed out taking his team to state or being really sexy in cargo shorts (trust me, he is), to sit down and have a coherent, even-keeled, adult conversation with his wife. These two talk through EVERYTHING and while they might not always agree with each other, they get through every fight and remain kind to each other throughout the turmoil. We all know how quickly our kindness can fly out the window during a fight with a loved one.

For those who might not be familiar with the show or know WTF I’m talking about, allow me to contextualize their relayshee for you — Eric and Tami are even more in sync than Caitlin and Tyler on Teen Mom and I don’t just go throwing that around.

One more huge draw about Coach Taylor (if not the hugest): he winks!!!! Find me a bro that can wink unironically in 2011 and I’ll invite you to our wedding.

  • Celeste Owens

    I love Coach Taylor so much that I don’t wish he were my fictional brother cause that would be weird cause I want to kiss his face!

  • Celeste Owens

    p.s. that wink.. sigh

  • Kristin Esteves

    Preachin the truth!

  • Tyjen Tsai


  • Jen Pham-Corbett

    i told my husband i was living by WWTTD–What would tami tayolor do? he said i may have internalized the show a little too much. i said he looks a little like Coach at just the right angle.

  • Carrie Cook

    Coach Taylor ruined all other men for me. Ideal man, forreals.

  • Katie Sutton

    Love love love coach taylor!

  • Emily Munroe

    I’d call him Coach, in bed.

  • Daneisha Lynette

    I love coach taylor. I wish my husband and I had a Taylor marriage!

  • Jerusha Smith

    I would watch a whole football game just for him.

  • Chelsea Jonkman

    Coach Taylor is ahmazing. Kyle Chandler is also very sexy as bomb squad Dylan in Grey’s Anatomy, check it out if (like me!) you’re missing FNL hard…

  • Allie Zodin

    I personally love me some Tim Riggins as well….

  • Melpo Christofi

    I quote him almost every day – “Have a good day”.

  • Nicole James

    Clear eyes, full hearts…

  • Liz Haebe

    Coach Taylor is not only the best husband on television, but also the best father. Not only to Julie and Gracie, but to his teams. GoodNESS! This one preaches the truth!

  • Troy Herman

    Glad to see you ladies appreciate a great guy, I have met him a few times & spoken with him often when he helps with a charity Disc Golf Event I am with here in Texas. Relaxing and cool enough, he always has a moment for everyone in the event; even if it requires him to play a sport he is not familiar with (but yet gets better at each time). He always has time to sit down, be honest, eat some food with you… and just be normal. He only has about one assistant with him and they just answer the phone when needed; they never shadow near him, he does not like that. He leaves work at work. He never worries about looking sweaty, having mussed hair, or being tired in the Texas heat during the event where someone may get an “untouched” photo of him. He knows pictures will be taken and does not give it a second thought about where/how/why someone may see it. Genuine. Plain genuine and a real guys guy.

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  • Carolyn Toth

    Early Edition, anyone? LOVE Kyle Chandler.

  • Sara Michaels

    Ah, love, love, love Kyle Chandler.

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