Clueless: Where Are They Now?

A question that plagues me on a daily basis is this: “Are Cher and Josh still together?!?” I constantly ask myself whether or not one of the best on screen couples from one of the best movies of all time would have remained an item all these years later. I always come to the same conclusion. Duh, of course! If Cher and Josh couldn’t make it work, who could?

Which also makes me wonder what exactly Cher, Josh and the rest of the gang would be up to today. So here’s what I think the characters from Clueless are doing in 2012, seventeen years (!!) after the film’s release (and let’s forget the TV series ever existed):

Cher Horowitz is happily married to Josh. They wed in 2007 at the Hotel Bel-Air. Dionne was obviously the maid of honor. However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Cher and Josh since 1995. There was a bit of a rough patch during her junior year of college. Cher was studying abroad in Paris through her school, UCLA. Before she left, Cher admitted to Josh that she was excited about spending those few months apart. After all, it was going to be the first time in her life she’d truly be on her own. But then on Valentine’s Day, Josh surprised his girlfriend by showing up at her flat in the 6th arrondissement. Cher went ballistic. This was supposed to be the time for her to be by herself, to learn to be an adult, to find herself! Cher and Josh spent the night walking endlessly up and down Boulevard Saint-Germain. The two decided to break up for a bit. In the morning, Josh was on the first plane back to Los Angeles.

Cher’s semester in Paris ended up being exactly what she needed and wanted. It matured her. But she did miss her boyfriend. So when she returned home, Cher reunited with him. She was thankful to have that time alone but also realized she was still majorly, totally, butt crazy in love with Josh. The two completed each other. The couple’s been together ever since.

After undergrad at UCLA, Cher enrolled at the college’s law school. Having learned so much from her father as well as being a seasoned arguer and debater, she graduated at the top of her class. Cher got a job at a firm in Beverly Hills. She turned down her dad’s offer to work at his practice because she wanted to establish a name for herself first. Sometimes she and her dad, Mel, face off in court. So far their record going against one another is 2-2-1 (the 1 was a settlement). Meanwhile, Josh has his dream job working at a small environmental law firm downtown. He still goes to tree planting ceremonies around the city. Sadly, Marky Mark is way too busy to attend those now.

While Cher hasn’t done a makeover in quite some time, matchmaking is something she’ll never be able to quit. Her last successful set up was two paralegals in her office. They just moved in together.

Cher recently found out she’s pregnant. It’s a boy. Josh is ecstatic to be a dad. Mel is even more thrilled to be a grandfather. Cher can’t wait to buy the baby lots of stylish clothes. Dionne will be the godmother, naturally. Cher and Josh are currently in escrow on a house that’s perfect for their growing family. Shhh, don’t tell anyone, but it’s below Sunset.

As for Dionne and Murray, they parted ways before college. She went to FIT. He went to USC. Dionne’s made her life in New York and is currently a jewelry designer. Her pieces sell at Bergdorf Goodman and Henri Bendel. Sometimes Dionne appears on QVC. During college, Murray got an internship at Elton’s dad’s company. It was there that he discovered his calling: music producing. Murray worked his way up. Some albums he’s been a part of have won Grammys. Four years ago, Murray made the move to New York for his job. When he got to the city he didn’t know anyone. Well, anyone except for his ex-girlfriend Dionne. Murray sent her an e-mail saying he was now living in TriBeCa. Perhaps they could catch up? They met for dinner at The Spotted Pig. It went so well it turned into a night out at The Box. The two have been together ever since. Come on. Like Dionne and Murray wouldn’t end up together? As if!

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  • Ramou Sarr

    This. Is. Amazing. And I did forget that the TV show existed. Blech. Thank you so much for keeping Dionne and Murray together (this is all very real to me), I couldn’t bear it if the those two didn’t end up together.

  • Colleen Sweeney

    That was absolutely fantastic!

  • Stephanie Archibald

    Clueless makes me feel a bit sad now that Brittany Murphy is dead.

  • Kerry Ann Frattura

    Hands down best thing I’ve ever read. Would love to see this as an actual movie!

  • Carly Girvan

    this is awesome hahah!

  • Eileen Smith Ausherman

    Love this!!! This is perfect! I was just thinking about Clueless yesterday after reading a short article about Alicia Silverstone feeding her baby like a bird. I was thinking about how Clueless changed my life forever :) And p.s. all of my Babysitter’s Club (and Little Sister) books are stashed away in a box for my daughter, whom I named Maryanne 😉 My inspirations were Mary Anne Spier (Babysitter’s Club) and Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)

  • Christine Wilson

    Great use of the word sporadically!

  • Penny Lane Emerson

    Finally I have closure! hehe LOVE Travis Birkenstock’s story.

  • Meredith Lee

    I thought Josh changed his name to Mike, moved to New York and got married to Phoebe…oh, wait…sorry, wrong show. :)

  • Marisa Glasby-Beaver

    Great job!

  • Cher Chang

    lol, I love this!

  • Chelsea Oscarson

    Yay! I love this!

  • Pauline PollyJean Campbell

    Genius! Love this – made me want to watch clueless again right now!

  • Jack Leitenberg

    what happened to the artists on the soundtrack!

  • Brittany Lynne

    love this so much!

  • Tatiana Marie Bustamante

    I love this! You couldn’t have wrote it any better. Haha Tai & Burning Man every year very clever :) I’m gonna go watch Clueless now! :)

  • Eireann O’Dea

    This is so good!! Love clueless.

  • Lindsay Scouras

    Um, is this BBC play currently showing? If so, I need to see it stat.

  • Audrey Ruston

    That was fab. And now I have to see if Clueless is on Netflix, STAT.

  • Natalie Farra


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