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This new feature on the period-tracking app Clue will be a huge help if you forget to take your pill


Period trackers have become a really useful tool for any menstruating human. You can track when your period comes and predict when your next period will show up. But the popular period-tracking app Clue has just added another feature that will make it all the easier for you to live with your period. Clue now sends out reminders and notifications asking if you remembered to take your birth control pill each day, and if you happened to miss it, it offers advice on what to do next.

Clue now offers a screen on the app where a dot fills in for every time you take a pill, and if you forget, there will be a mark indicating it’s an “unprotected day,” which means you should use another type of contraception. You can even get advice on what to do depending on how long ago you forgot to take your pill.

Here are a few examples of how period-tracking app will look.

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