Classic Teen Drama Theme Songs Playlist

Sarah Heyward, AKA @shinyunicorn, is back with a playlist centered around all your favorite retro teen drama theme songs. Check out all of the awesome articles by Sarah on!

  • Leslie Polish

    ooh you chose some of the best shows, and the all time best theme songs! I swear, i’ll love angst filled teen-dramas until i’m 75!

  • Beatriz Leal Craveiro

    awww, watching this was an amazing nostalgic experience!1 THANK YOU, SARAH!

  • M.C. Silver

    I liked the choices here…if I were to continue on, I’d probably include One Tree Hill (when it had a full theme–Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Wanna Be”) and Veronica Mars (Dandy Warhol’s “We Used to Be Friends”). Nice and angsty :-)

    • Annie Allen

      Completely agree. OTH and Veronica Mars have two of the best theme songs for teen dramas.

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