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Classic Business Casual Attire That's Cute & Comfy!

Crash writes:

Hi Grasie! I need some ideas for comfy, career outfits – I like classic looks (black & white tops, black pants), but can’t seem to find classic styles that I like in a reasonable price range. I want to jazz it up a bit, but not too much — business casual is about as dressed up as I get for every day for my office job at a hotel (read: need to be presentable for guests, but I’m not always customer-facing). I’m almost plus-size… I seem to have found myself right in the “in-between” – the larger standard sizes are just a tad small and the plus sizes are often too big. It makes store shopping difficult and I get frustrated when Google doesn’t return results that I like when query things like “long-sleeved black cardigan for fat girls” — why can’t it just *know* what I want? Also, I’m at that odd stage of life where most women’s clothing, especially plus size, is either too girly or too “old” for me (I’ll be 29 soon) and I feel like I’m playing dress-up in my mom’s or grandma’s closet. Can you work your magic? Thanks and love. 

Hello Crash and all you lovely Hello Gigglers! Work clothes seem to be the bane of most people’s existence but it doesn’t have to be. Cardigans, slacks, accessories and the right shoe can turn any lady into a business casual fashionista. Classic is the way to go, so I’m happy to hear that’s what you like. Stick with staple pieces and give your outfits that personal touch with statement necklaces, scarves and shoes. Work those accents!

You mentioned being in between regular and plus-size, which sounds like a frustrating pain in the butt! Luckily, there exists Asos Curve, Torrid and Forever 21 +…all 3 of these lines are younger and more on trend than most plus-size lines AND they have sizes on the smaller end of “plus-size.” Another option in regards to sizing, is buying the slightly larger fit and getting it tailored. Tailoring can get pricey, so only do this for staple pieces you love.  Below are some items that I love and think will work great for your body-type, age and work-life. Click the links to shop and have fun getting dressed and Happy Shopping!

  1. Asos Curve Pleat Front Jumpsuit $87
  2. Asos Pieces Paula Colour Block Scarf $31
  3. Torrid Gold & Leopard Bangles $16.50
  4. Asos Curve Cardigan with Cute Collar $61
  5. Forever 21 + Sheer Polka Dot Button Up $23
  6. Forever 21 Suedette Wedges $23
  7. Torrid Black Seam Pencil Skirt $44.50
  8. Asos Curve Jersey Puff Sleeve Zip Back Top $35

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