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Cindy Crawford has some good modeling advice for her daughter, and for all of us, really

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Kaia Gerber just became the new face of the Marc Jacobs “Daisy” fragrance, and the world is likely going to be seeing a lot more of her. But just because she’s Cindy Crawford’s daughter doesn’t mean it’s super easy for her in the business. If anything, it can be a lot harder when your mother basically defined what it means to be a super model. Luckily, Cindy Crawford’s advice for her daughter in the modeling industry is super down to earth, and it’s something that everyone would be better off remembering every so often. Gerber told E! News that Crawford is actually really down to earth about her coming up in the business.

“My mom always just told me to stay true to myself and be myself and I think people don’t remind girls that enough,” she said.

“I think people might try to change themselves a lot in this industry.”

Gerber also said that just because her mom is Cindy Crawford doesn’t mean that she’s not sort of a pain in the butt sometimes, as all moms can be. “She’s calling me throughout whenever I am working and asking me: ‘How’s it going? Did you eat? Did you get enough sleep last night?” Gerber said.

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