Chubby Puppy On A Slippery Floor

If you don’t find yourself making the scrunched-up “awww” face by about the 5 second mark of this video of a 4-week-old West Highland White Terrier puppy named Savannah scooting along some high gloss ceramic tile like a baby walrus, you are probably either a comic book villain, a vicious hater of the moonwalking arts or just have a heart made of old tires. Regardless, once the charmingly “funky” soundtrack kicks in and our little Savannah starts to look like she’s actually dancing with her equally adorable litter-mates, you’d better have your official Hello Giggles brand smelling salts (we’re working on those*) on standby, because that is some Victorian fainting couch-level of cuteness up in this here internet video player.

And if for any reason you felt bad laughing at her struggling, here’s the same puppy another 4 weeks later, bouncing around her back yard like a boss. [Video by Devnik Westies on YouTube]

[*J/K obvs!]

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