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Christmas Nails

If there’s one thing in the world I might possibly love more than Knitting and Grey’s Anatomy, it’s painting my nails, and if there’s one thing I love more than painting my nails… it’s Christmas. I’ve already begun to mix Christmas and knitting and spent all week knitting Father Christmas, I’m thinking the fact that he has no legs will making slipping down the chimney a whole lot easier.

My next challenge was to find a way to mix Christmas and nails. When I was younger, it was always my dream to be a fashion designer. However, after growing up (a bit) and discovering the only things I like to wear are V-neck jumpers and tutus, I’m thinking this might not be so likely. Despite my dwindling fashion designer dreams, I have set my sights on a whole new career path – a Christmas Nails Designer. For my debut collection, I have created 5 new Christmas nail styles that will be sure to be hitting all major North Pole runways this season. Mrs. Claus is already a huge fan and Christmas nails are quickly becoming the must-have item of the year.

1. The Christmas French Manicure.

Stylish and simple, The Christmas French Manicure will show everyone that only are you up to date on your Christmas styles, but you’re also extremely classy.

2. The Two-Tone Christmas colour block.

Bold and couragous, the two-tone Christmas Colour Block is the dare-devil look of the season. It may look simple, but you can’t get much more Christmassy than a classic Red/Green/Red/Green/Red/Green/Red/Green/Red/Green combo.

3. The ‘I hate Christmas and I’m way to cool to be festive’.

The Christmas Nail collection has something for everyone, even those freaky Christmas Haters.

4. The Nail Advent Calender.


The most high maintenance of styles, the nail advent calendar takes a lot of work. It will require re-painting your nails every day, but trust me, it will be worth it.

5. The Snowman.

As a breakthrough Christmas Nails designer, I’m the first to admit when something doesn’t quite go to plan and yes, the snowmen did come out looking a little more like owls. But in true Christmas spirit, I decided to include them anyway.

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