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Chrissy Metz is not here for celebrity body shaming

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The star of This Is Us, Chrissy Metz, has spoken about body shaming celebrities like Kesha and Lady Gaga, and what she said is so darn important.

Basically everyone we know is obsessed with This Is Us, the brilliant family drama on NBC that is turning us all into emotional wrecks every Tuesday night. Starring Mandy Moore and Gilmore Girls star Milo Ventimiglia, the show has also made new stars out of its other actors, including Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson. Metz’s character has been the subject of much speculation regarding her weight, and whether she has to lose weight under contract for the show.

Metz, who has been praised outside of the show for her body positivity, has also opened up about her mental health struggles, too, proving that she’s one tough and inspiring lady.

However, now Chrissy Metz has some choice words for people body shaming celebrities.

Speaking to SiriusXM host Jenny Hutt during her “Just Jenny” show, Metz spoke up about her outrage over the body shaming that goes on towards actors and celebrities, whether they’re being told their “too thin” or “too fat.”

“It’s concerning because it’s more about the mental, being unhealthy mentally and emotionally. That’s what’s concerning. I don’t know their plight, I don’t know their issues and it’s very easy to say “oh she’s too skinny” or you hear people say that I’m too fat or I’m too whatever,” she said. “So I would hope that there’s conversations about it. Hopefully it’s not an issue… I know Kesha was given so much grief about her weight, and like she looks great! Leave her alone. And she’s healthy.” 

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