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Here's the first look at Chris Evans reading us a bedtime story

CBeebies / www.youtube.com

We’ve heard (and very much enjoyed) Tom Hardy’s attempts, but now it’s time for Chris Evans to read us a bedtime story. This incredible moment is all thanks to British children’s TV channel CBeebies. Seriously — it’s a genius idea, and we’re shocked that nobody thought of it sooner.

You probably know Evans best as Captain America. Even though his contract is technically up this year, Evans has always seemed overjoyed to play the popular Avengers team member and might very well sign up for more. But then again, if he gave up his shield in order to read bedtime stories for a living, we might not complain.

Here’s a clip of Evans introducing Even Superheroes Have Bad Days by Shelly Becker.

Here’s one more clip, which kindly makes us visualize Evans at bedtime.

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