Domesti-CAIT-ed: Cook For Yo'Self

At the end of work the other day, I was legitimately dreading going home to make dinner. Especially since I think I only had canned pineapples and some stale orzo in my pantry that my mom gifted me like three months ago.

My first thought was “I really wish I was dating a chef who would have a delicious meal waiting for me when I got home,” but then I was like, ok yes, I want that, but also I hate when guys just say things like “My wife better have dinner on the table for me when I walk in at 5:45″. So then I was like hey, let’s get our act together here and go to the store after work and act like this whole ‘make yourself a meal’ thing isn’t that hard.

I’m not trying to be Sandra Lee Semi Homemade, because she actually scares me, but cooking isn’t horrible. The first thing you need to do is focus up and think of what you want to make so you can get the ingredients. I know you’re all like “But I don’t have any good recipes?” That’s a lie and you know it. You’ve definitely had a meal before, right? Just think of what you like and then you can Google that food and you’ll have a recipe. BTW I really can’t stand when people ask you a question they definitely could have answered themselves by Googling it, but then you essentially end up doing that for them.
Ok, so I wanted stuffed chicken breast. I chose it for its low number of ingredients and its quick prep. Also, it’s a delicious meal that my mom taught me how to make. I went to the store and purchased:
Ingredient #1: Spinach

It just comes in a bag in the produce section. It’s literally the easiest thing I’ve ever shopped for. I honestly feel guilty about it.
Ingredient #2: Prosciutto
It’s like ham that went to university abroad- sophisticated and cultured.
Ingredient #3: Chèvre
Don’t know what it is? Google it yourself. JK. It’s spreadable French goat cheese.
Ingredient #4: Chicken Breasts

Sorry if your a veg, and I guess kind regards or something if you’re a vegan as well, but YOU GUYS, I’m from the midwest – cheese and meats are like a thing here. If you can figure out a way to make a similar recipe to this that is vegetarian/vegan let me know. I’d love to hear how you did it. Just try to get organic chicken and if you don’t, cross your fingers or something.

First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Wash the chicken breasts and lay them in a pyrex dish or a pan lined with tinfoil. The tinfoil is for easy clean up. I don’t know what to tell you if at the end you don’t use the tinfoil, because cleaning is not my thing.

Open the Chèvre and spread a bit on the top of each of the chicken breasts. Unless you’ve switched knives every time as you’re spreading the goat cheese, you’re going to need to throw out the rest of the goat cheese. If you don’t then you might get sick and that’s not on me. So just throw it out.   Also don’t freak out that I’m not providing an exact amount here. I cook with my best judgement and so can you.

Next, open the prosciutto and lay a piece on top of each chicken breast. Isn’t this the easiest thing you’ve ever made? If it’s not and you need to stop for a drink here- I’m not stopping you.

After that’s all done, top each piece of chicken with a bit of spinach. Again, best judgement here on the measurements. Although you really can’t mess this up.

Now roll the chicken breasts in half and close them shut with a few toothpicks. Pour a splash of white wine  on top of each one, add a pat of butter or a bit of olive oil on each, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Finally, throw the whole pan/dish into the oven and cook for 30 minutes and you have a meal with plenty to share with your family, roommates, or – just yourself for dayz. Hopefully you’ll find it delicious and easy to make. If you don’t find this easy to make, let me know and maybe we can have a separate conversation about that.




All photos by Caitlin Fitzgibbons
Caitlin is currently into mischief making. Follow her @fitzlikeaglove

  • Carolyn Seng

    This dish looks absolutely delicious! I will definitely be giving this a go for a future picnic with my best friends during the summer. :)

  • Katherine Anne

    tried this last night on my french boyfriend and he was tres impressed. so was i, it was super YUMMY.

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Yeah! I’m so happy it was a hit !

  • Meredith Bagdazian

    This looks delish! Must try.

  • Anniebelle Altasin

    Have you heard of Daiya cheese?! It’s a healthy, vegan alternative to cheese. I’d describe it more for you, but I know you’re going to Google it. 😀 Anyway, I’m not vegan, but I do avoid dairy and am allergic to eggs (so, other than eating meat, I’m a vegan in some important ways. :P… hence the Daiya cheese. Going to try this recipe with the Daiya! *crossing fingers*

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Gurl let me know! In the mean time I’ll read about this Daiya.

  • Alice Vaught

    you could spoon some chevre into a bowl and use that to get your cheese spread from. Then the remaining chevre won’t get raw chicken contamination and you can continue to use it on crackers or whatever.

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Alice this is a good idea- less wasteful- but also increases clean-up. You are a better person than I am!

  • Lindsay Miller

    Tried this last boyfriend thought I was a gourmet cook (which I’m totally not). Thanks for sharing the easy recipie that makes me look good.

  • Mandie Mohrlock

    I am Vegetarian (and my boyfriend is Vegan) but this is still a great reciepe that can be morphed! For those ladies interested, I would give a this a go using Gardein Chik’n Scallopini, Daiya “Cheese” and maybe a little bit of Soyrizo for the extra kick. Toss on some of Popeye’s favorite greens and you got a vegan feast! Thanks Caitlin for being my muse!

  • Mandie Mohrlock

    I am like seriously pumped about making this. I am equally as pumped for future posts. Hooray!

  • Anonymous

    THX that’s a great aswner!

  • Anonymous

    I’m not easily impressed. . . but that’s ipmsresnig me! :)

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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  • Erin Rauk

    So, I tried this last night, but forgot to pick up the proscuitto. My substitute? Roasted peppers. Also, leftover chevre is ah-maz-ing with dried cherries.

    Thanks for the awesome recipe!

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Yes! I like these ideas.

  • Caitlin Shaw

    what oven temp are we cooking this at? should i assume 350?

  • Kayleigh Matheson

    Just made this for the boyfriend and myself. AH-mazing and so easy.
    Hardest part– not eating all the goat cheese before using it to cook. Thanks!

  • Kayleigh Matheson

    to post a comment

  • Danica LeBlanc

    Tried this a few days ago. Wow, it is simple and very, VERY good! My friend LOVED it. Even as I was making it, I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. Thank you for making me look good! Will be making this the next time I have people over for dinner. Cheers!

  • Elizabeth Stemmer

    Wait, so what temperature are we baking this chicken at? \

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Like…350 or 400

  • Arielle Gilson

    I will definitely be trying this…looks simple and absolutely delicious!

  • Brittney Le Blanc

    This dish was so good, that after my friend Danica (seen above) made it for me, I was a new HelloGiggles convert! Please, keep them coming! This was fantastic, and absolutely something I’ll be making in the future. Thanks!

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      I’m so glad you both loved it!

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