@CheriLindsay Steps Infront of the Camera for Her Camo Confession

Cheri Lindsay  would rather people ask her questions about Vitiligo than make assumptions. Vitiligo is a condition that causes depigmentation of the skin. Many people have it, but as an African American, Cheri deals with the common question: “Why is her face white if she is a black girl?” So, she is taking off her “camo” and stepping in front of the camera and the WORLD to show you that you don’t hide because “there is something wrong with everybody”. You can also see she is truly gorgeous inside and out!

  • Daniela Cardona

    You’re beautiful girl! Black or white or both, beautiful!

  • Samantha Street

    Good for her!!!

  • A Cat Attack

    I loved this. She is gorgeous before and after, and clearly very strong and eloquent. Great share!

  • Geneviève Roux

    Chantelle, in the reality show America’s Next Top Model – Cycle 21, she has this condition. What a fine example! Congratulations to talk about it!

  • Daniel Rdz

    Her Children will be beautiful… because of her

  • Leyla Djoudi

    Wow this means so much to me. I have had vitiligo my entire life and it has always been a struggle to accept. It is so nice to see someone sharing their experience.

  • Susie Lemus

    So inspiring! Love this you go girl!

  • Alexa Hédou

    omg she is gorgeous like honestly i love her hair and how do people think her disease is contagious she is literally perfect
    this video is really inspiring and makes me feel a whole lot more awesome because if she looks that way with viitligo i can also look fabulous with my skin problems <3

  • Brandon Tyler Butcher

    I don’t see it as “something wrong with her” at all. I honestly think it could become standard of beauty in it’s own right. Red hair, pale complexion and freckles all used to be negatively viewed, not anymore. I think it’s just a variation in skin tone, one with some major spunk, rock it.

  • Vinnie Bartilucci

    This is a makeup commercial.

    This is not a testament to individuality, or racial pride, or anything else.

    This is a commercial for makeup designed to cover up skin imperfections. There’s another one out there featuring “Zombie Boy” the guy who’s gotten full-body tattoos.

    The one with the girl with the acne scars comes damn close to saying “makeup saved my life” but stops just short.

    The Rock uses this stuff to cover his Samoan tattoo on his arm and bicep when he does a movie and plays a guy that doesn’t have a Samoan tattoo on his arm and bicep.

    It’s designed to cover up the stuff you’d rather not deal with, or the stuff that sometimes you don’t want to show off. The young lady has a skin complaint, and this makeup covers it up. Clearly, it works very well. If port wine scars were still prevalent, I’m sure this would work well on them also.

    I read “Blend in to stand out” as “cover up the stuff that makes everybody stare at you like you’re a freak, so they can in stead look at you as a nice person for your actions”

    In other words “you need makeup”.

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