Cheesy Doll Commercials Of The '90s Playlist

@shinyunicorn is hosting a playlist this week of her top ’90s cheesy  doll commercials.

Some are dolls she coveted and others are, well… watch and see :)

Sarah Heyward also wrote a great piece on HelloGiggles about all the dolls from her youth. You can check that out here

  • Bekaandthe GinHall Hustlers

    My friend’s little sister had the Baby Alive doll and it made poop. It was so gross!

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I had a water baby and I can tell you it was nothing like a real baby. I knew this as a kid because my youngest sisters were born when I was nine and twelve.

  • Lindsay Stevens

    I seriously got so excited watching those commercials… I had PJ Sparkles and let me tell you she might not have seemed like much but she sparkled her way into my heart. Cherry Mary Muffin and her choco-friend accompanied me to pre-k where I would sit and smell her during free time…I’m pretty sure those dolls made me the coolest girl in class. Also I’ll never forget when I bought my best friend a cupcake doll for her birthday only to discover Jennifer had bought her the exact same one (with purple tinsel in her hair) while riding on the bus to her birthday party…thankfully she totally accepted that they were twins, take that Baby Surprise!

  • I Eat Champions For Breakfast

    these recap discussions are killing me I have been mute laughing in front of this playlist for like 15mins now

  • Sandra Byles

    I had SO MANY of these. Puppy Surprise! PJ Sparkles! Water Baby! Baby All Gone! I have no idea why I wanted Baby All Gone so bad, but MAN, best Christmas ever.

  • Kimberly Block

    Okay, I had a tumble surprise, and I totally loved that doll! I was so waiting for you to mention it, because it’s seriously one of the only dolls I remember from when I was a kid. That and a diving barbie. you attached her to this spring box contraption and then just launch her into the bath tub. lol

  • Samantha Stroud Mealy

    Love this, too! I had a skydancer and I’m pretty sure I broke a lamp with her once. Also – does anyone remember a mermaid doll – something like “my magic mermaid?” Clearly came out around the Disney movie – but she was blonde with a blue tail. When you squeezed her she sang a little “lalalala” song that was a obvious knock off of Ariel’s song – and her tail changed to pink in warm/cold water. But the best part was that the song came out of the crown on her head – which you couldn’t submerge underwater. So it was a broken toy waiting to happen…

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