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Tomorrow, July 31st is Harry Potter’s birthday and today is Cheesecake day! With both of these (not-so) holidays in mind, which literary character would you want to split a piece of cheesecake with?

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  1. The trick is to imagine what each character would be like in real life, ie, your life. Harry would be awkward and quiet. Gatsby might be cool, but he could also turn out to be full of himself. Holden, as much as I love the kid, would be obnoxious as fuck. Plus he would be insufferably sarcastic towards you and whoever is around (sarcasm is only ok in doses; not as a permanent personality trait, right?). Atticus would be reading a boring southern paper, but if you study/practice criminal law you may find him more interesting. Personally, I almost chose Lolita. But only because I think I would be able to tolerate her childish, pouty, calculated attitude. But the person I would want to split a cheesecake with would have to be Buddy Glass from Franny and Zooey. Though he’s kind of a dick, he does not lack humanity. Then again, he is an actor…

  2. Hermione Granger for sure!

  3. Ron Weasley <3

  4. Totally Potter, but if I could pick a sitcom character, I’d have to go with Sophia from Golden Girls. 1. The woman is fantastic and 2. She’s already a pro at eating cheesecake so why not learn a lesson or two on how to appreciate and devour cheesecake from a Golden Girl? Plus, I mean come on, it’s Sophia. Picture it, 2012, Potter, Potrillo, cheesecake and a girl with a dream…

  5. Luna Lovegood/ Dumbledore (pre-death)

  6. Can I split a slice with Harry AND Atticus Finch?

  7. MAN I love HP

  8. Neville whose birthday is today fyi!

  9. Harry Potter is great and everything, but I definitely vote Hermione…

  10. Mr. Darcy!

  11. My answer would defenatly be Frodo from the Lord of the Rings :)