Checking In On My New Year's Resolutions

Well, we’re about a month into 2012, so I thought this might be a good time to check in on my New Year’s resolutions to see if I’m staying on task. You might say, “But it’s only been a month! Who can’t keep a resolution going for 30 days?” To which I would say, “You obviously don’t know me very well.” So lets check in on the things I said I was absolutely, positively, definitely going to do, but most likely have not.

Make a list of resolutions

– Check! This may seem like a cheat, but I don’t care. It’s the same reason I always put “make a to do list” at the top of every to do list so I can immediately cross something off. It feels good to feel accomplished right off the bat!

Make the bed without breaking into a sweat

– It’s embarrassing really. I shouldn’t need a short rest after putting on a duvet cover. Basically, I need go to the gym. I haven’t been yet this year so I’m not doing so well with this one, but I haven’t given up yet! I think about it almost everyday… that’s gotta count for something.

Stop spending so much time looking at pictures of dogs online

– Not even close. This one was broken by noon on January 1st. (No thanks to the Daily Puppy email I subscribe to.)

 Shut up once in a while

– I talk. A lot. Sometimes silence can be a beautiful thing, and I need to appreciate that more. I have a bad habit of overly explaining myself or talking just to talk. This needs to stop. It’s okay to just say a thought, be concise with it and be done. I don’t have to say something and then continue until someone cuts me off. I don’t need to reiterate the same point over and over again. If I am actually trying to say something important, I should definitely speak my mind, but if I made my point, I really want to learn to stop there. It’s good to know the point can be lost if I don’t get to it or go on for too long. What was I talking about again?

Reunite O-Town to perform just for me

– I recently found out that O-Town has gotten back together to record a new album. In full disclosure, I was not the one to make this happen. However, I will check that part off my list. Now, before you get too excited, you should know that Ashley Parker Angel has opted to not be a part of this liquid dream-team. With lyrics like “Victoria’s Secret I’ve been keepin’/And it’s getting harder all the time/I can’t keep it undercover/I need your soft lips kissing mine”, it’s a wonder that they ever broke up in the first place. Now that the easy part of this resolution is already taken care of, all I need to do now is devise a plan that involves convincing them to come to my house or a mutually agreed upon private venue and force them to put on a show for me (preferably only containing songs from the first album, but I’m flexible.) I’ve tracked down one member so far. And by tracked down I mean I saw Trevor (the shy one) at a mall by my house recently. It’s a start!

Be kind

– This one is more of a reminder than a resolution, but I think it’s a good one. A little bit of kindness goes a long way. Maybe it’s cliché to say, but if everyone were just a little kinder to one another, we’d all be a lot better off. Except for Rick Santorum. He’s terrible and we should all be mean to him. Oh, and the person in my neighborhood who keeps letting their dog poop all over my lawn.  They will be receiving some very mean looks and negative thoughts if I ever find out their identity.

Maybe I’m doing a little better than I first thought. I wrote out my resolutions, driven past several gyms and stayed away from puppy pictures long enough to write this post. I literally haven’t stopped talking since New Year’s Eve, so I’ll keep working on that one, but on the plus side, I’m getting closer to my O-Town resolution every day (it’s just a feeling I have—no actual progress has been made). And finally, I held the elevator door for someone at work this morning instead of letting it slam in their face, so I’d say I’m doing pretty great so far this year. 11 months should be plenty of time to accomplish the rest of my list. If not, there’s always next year (or the year after!)

Image by Deborah Tarica

  • Liza Baron

    I love the one about shutting up once in a while – I also “have a bad habit of overly explaining myself or talking just to talk”. Especially with my boyfriend’s family and friends, probably because of nerves but I guess it just comes across as mouthy. Must. Remember. To. Be. Quiet. Thanks, I am glad someone else feels the same!

  • Jena Evans-Turnbull

    Maybe instead of going to the gym you should look into a new physical hobby that actually interests you. I hate the gym with a burning passion, I literally had to walk through one to get home at one point in my life – one I had a FREE membership to, and I hardly made it in. Once I traded in that time for Hot yoga and adult ballet (I had never done it before, but wanted to), I found I actually wanted to participate and I was getting a work out without feeling like I was working out. Bottom line, if you don’t like doing something, you’re not going to do it, so find something interesting!

  • Carmen Hui

    ahahaha, i’m trying to be more concise too, but the trouble is, I’ll start talking and realise I should be more concise with my conversation, get all confused and end the conversation in a really awkward tone.

  • Katie Parker

    I agree totally with the shutting up once in awhile…I too over speak my thoughts and go way too deep into things just bc. I totally know. it has been on my list of things to think about before I speak for awhile now…slowly making progress, i now stop myself and say anyways you don’t want to know that. Then sip my coffee to shut up otherwise I keep talking. Thank god for my cat and alone time or I wouldn’t be able to get out all the pent up useless crap I try to tell other ppl haha

  • Katie Parker

    ohh yea and about the gym…I can’t stand the gym either. it is always on my list and is the first to go. I have found that I am totally in love with the Dance video games. A good way to burn the calories and a fun way to be a goof ball and learn some new moves every once in awhile :)

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