Check Out Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy 2013 #YouTubeChallenge

Jimmy Kimmel had better watch out. These kids were ready to draw blood this year! I love how once the dust settles and the candy is handed over, the little monsters become human again.

Check out birth control  “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2013″:

  • Bianca La

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Check out –birth control. Lmao

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    Too cruel for my taste.
    In Sweden this is close to childabuse by law. I applaud the kids who were allowed to react accordingly – and I worry about the boys and girls who were not.

    • Bre Short

      I agree…it definitely shows differing degrees of how the kids were raised! Still funny, but a little worrisome haha.

  • Bobi Rotsa

    Too funny

  • Megan Krtek

    Love this video! Jimmy Kimmel is always coming up with humorous videos that end up going viral online, just like this one, and just like his “Twerking girl on fire” hoax? That video received over 10 million in the first week it was posted to YouTube! (Source: The twerking girl video went viral because Millennials caught onto it and shared it all over social media, and while I’m sure they did the same for this one, I think this video is loved by adults with children!

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