Check Out Katy Perry's New Video For Dark Horse Ft. Juicy J

Katy is one of our HelloGiggles BFFs, and we can’t get enough of her new video!

  • Lauren-ashley Oliver

    I have to give her credit for the creative integration of corporate sponsorship. I particularly like how they were able to indicate those were hot and spicy Cheetos.

  • Emily Rhoades Thomas

    This video is garbage.

  • Denise Kitty Dee Bugarin


  • Rosaura Lezama-Arceneaux

    Why Hello Giggles. Just, WHY. You supposed to give young women positive, smart, funny and mostly empowering messages to women, and instead you suggest this? All I have to say is: Illuminati. Freemasons. Monarch Mind Control. Sex Kittens and most importantly, look up Vigilant Citizen. Peace.

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