Missed Your Chance to Chat with ‘New Girl's Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone? Catch Up Here!Jennifer Still

Do you love New Girl as much as we do? Can’t get enough of Jess’s crazy antics or Cece’s love of Schmidt’s anger problems? Well, you’re in luck!

Our New Girl BFFs Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone joined HelloGiggles LIVE on Monday night for a special 30-minute uStream broadcast where they answered some of your pressing questions about the show and offered up some great behind-the-scenes scoop!

While you may have missed the big event, have no fear – you can catch up on the broadcast below!


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  1. Hannah and Zooey, I can only imagine that you all have a great time filming the show, so what I want to know is what’s the funniest thing that has happened on set?

  2. Zooey,
    hey, i’m a junior in highschool and i don’t really have a clue as to what i want to be when i’m old. Did you always know that you wanted to be an actress and an (absolutely incredible) musician? By the way, a day doesn’t pass were i don’t listen to your records. You inspire me so much :) Thanks a lot for that.

  3. In a dream world, who would be your ideal roommates? [celebrities, etc] (:

  4. Haya! Girls what ten things make you happy? :) lots of love from Poland!!!

  5. Zooey: HOW do you get your hair like that???

  6. <3 ZOEY+HANNAH: What kind of qualities do you like for in a guy? or maybe favorite quality in a man?
    p.s. (Zoey you are my fashion idol and i think you are a very inspiring woman, Hannah you are beautiful and awesome!) it would be awesome if you answered my question :)

    • i think i was so excited to actaully ask a question on here that i spelled your name wrong zoey? what the heck! idk how i could do that thats the only time cus im a huge fan! love you. maybe the mis spelling will draw your attention. i wish i could delete it but owell!

  7. Hannah and Zooey: What’s your favorite part of acting?
    Zooey: Is working on a television show different from working on a movie set?
    Would you like to have Emily on the show sometime or maybe have a cross over episode between New Girl and Bones? sorry so many questions, Would you think that Jess and Nick will ever get together?
    Thank you Zooey and Hannah for taking the time to answer our questions. I love the show and i look forward to watching it each week. Thanks again:)

  8. Zooey: if you and Nick(Jake) fall in love, will you move out of the apartment?
    Hannah: In the series which part of India are your parents from? (p.s: I too am from India!!)

  9. Zooey.. I’m a big fan of both you and your sister, Emily. I know she’s busy on Bones, but do you think, she would apear on New girl? That could be awsome.. :)
    - btw, congrats on little Henry.. :)

  10. Question for Zooey. How are you planning to find some time and record Volume 3 with such a busy schedule! Young Lady?!!

  11. What would you do for living If you did not make it as an actress? Question is for both girls, and Zooey cannot answer musician!!!

  12. Zooey and Hannah – three questions. Imagine that you are in the most peaceful field, and you are all alone. You come to a patch of strawberries, but there is a fence separating you. How high is the fence? Once you make it through the fence, you stop to admire the strawberries – they are the biggest and most delicious looking you have ever seen! How many do you see? You begin to eat the strawberries. How many do you eat?

    Love the show ladies! Can’t wait to hear your answers!

  13. I looooove mint chocolate chip ice cream? what are your favorites?

  14. Zooey: What is your favourite type of music?, and your favourite band?

  15. what does a typical day of work look like?

  16. Zooey: if you had to choose to do only one thing for the rest of your life, which would you choose: acting or singing?

  17. To Hannah and Zooey: If you could change roles with any cast member, what character would you decide to be? By the way great show :D

  18. Hey,I’m from Colombia, I love the show, you guys are the best!! I feel like Jess. Zooey: Do you know something about Colombia? ,Wich country of southamerica would you like to meet? it would be amazing if you come here with the band “She and him”.

  19. Zooey: What are your favorite things to do during your free time? (My boyfriend’s is hoping to get to meet you!)

    Hannah: Are you the kind of girl that would hang out a lot with the guys or no? Why? :)

    You guys are great, keep up the awesomeness! :D

  20. To Hannah & Zooey:
    Describe your absolute perfect day from sunrise to sunset.