Celebrity Feuds: Oprah and 50 Cent

“It takes two to feud,” Oprah said in her recent sit down with rapper 50 Cent. Celebrities have been feuding as long as there has been the notion of celebrity or, you know, I am guessing that’s true. Sometimes the feuds have significant merit, sometimes they’re just straight up dumb. In what will most likely be a weekly exploration into the underbelly (not really… okay, maybe sometimes) of celebrity feuds, I thought, who better to break in the column than one of my favorite people: Oprah.

Celebs in Feud: Oprah and 50 Cent

Length of Feud: Six years

Details of Feud: One of the major things that caused the rift between the two was 50 Cent’s criticism that Oprah created television for older white women. Conversely, 50 Cent felt that on more than one occasion when Oprah talked about rap culture and everything that was wrong with it was everything that was “on his cd.” He then stated, “If I can’t be her friend, at least I’ll be her enemy.”

Fun Feud Facts: 50 Cent named a female dog after Oprah.

Feud Settled: Yes. Oprah and 50 Cent sat down on Oprah’s Next Chapter earlier this month and hashed out all their issues. Watch a clip of the sit-down here:

Other Feuds: Oprah has settled other feuds in the past few years. Among them David Letterman (16 year feud), Jonathan Franzen (9 year feud), James Frey (5 year feud) and Whoopi Goldberg (~20 year feud). 50 Cent has had feud with many rappers, some have been settled others not so much – those include Jay-Z, Kanye West, members of the Wu-Tang Clan, Ja Rule, The Game and many others.

Side Notes: This has nothing to do with the feud, but I am sure that Oprah wouldn’t mind if I shared this intimate moment of her & I vacationing in Italy. I’ll always remember that summer with Oprah shopping, sailing, eating pizza, and, of course, our late night trips to the Gelateria.

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