Style Me GrasieCelebrity Crush – Alexa Chung (Get Her Look For Less!)Grasie Mercedes

Are there celebrities who’s style you just adore? Well, for me it’s Alexa Chung…I would go as far as to say she’s perfect. She’s a sexy tomboy who’s always chic. Her style is flawless. My latest video for LookTV shows you how to get Alexa’s look for less and explains why I love her so. Check it out and leave a comment letting me know who your “Celebrity Crush” is…would love to hear from you!

Director/DP/Editor: Michael Garcia
Wardrobe Provided By: LNA and Doris Apparel

  • Alanine Rhenylalanine

    Grasie, can you do a celebrity crush segment on Jameela Jamil? She is amazing!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      didn’t know who she was…just googled her…she is amazing!

  • Christina Martinez

    You’re super cute! Any tips for a rounder gal? Collared shirt don’t always look tre magnifique on me.

    • Grasie Mercedes

      aww thank you! instead of a button down try a peter pan collared blouse in a darker color like navy, black or grey.

  • Kelsey Shardell Monique Bowman

    I love Goodwill finds! Glad I’m not alone in that! <3

    • Grasie Mercedes

      Goodwill is the best! And this week’s video will be all about thrifting!

  • Briana Dobb

    Love this vid! I would love to see more “celebrity crush” segments. How about Kate Bosworth, the Olsen twins, and of course, the fabulous Zooey?! Great job Grasie!

    • Grasie Mercedes

      thanks Briana! stay tuned for a Nicole Richie version! xo

  • Gea Marín

    I love her style, too! she’s absolutely cute and adorable, and that’s exactly why I don’t look good with her look… but since I can’t have the complete Alexa Chung look I have bits of it to make it more ‘mine’ :P
    By the way, I absolutely loved your outfit before and after changing! And, your fringe is lovely! <3

    • Grasie Mercedes

      thank you! and thanks for watching! xo

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