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Celebrate Hummus!

To know hummus is to love hummus. (Okay, I kind of stole and modified that tagline from the poster for the movie Say Anything – but it fits!)

The best part about this TGIF Treat – unlike my last one – is that it’s readily available in a variety of forms. Even better, you can make it at home if you’re feeling crafty and are better in the kitchen than I am. (Why is everything I cook flavorless?! I guess that’s another issue for another time.)

My first introduction to hummus can be credited to the Sabra portable packs, which I know are available at select convenience stores (I found them in QuickChek back in New Jersey and Sheetz up in Pennsylvania.) The packaging consists of two plastic containers – one which includes either garlic or red pepper hummus and the other filled with pretzel chips for dipping. In the midst of a work day, they are a perfect little pick-me-up. And for the vegetarians among us, they’re an excellent source of protein.

Full containers of Sabra hummus should be available at your grocery store and they come in a bunch of varieties – from Spinach and Artichoke to Jalapeno – thus, things rarely get repetitive if you’re in the mood for a creamy dip.

Here’s some background on hummus: It can be either a spread or dip, which is based on cooked, mashed chickpeas, blended with tahini, olive oil, salt, garlic and lemon juice. According to Wikipedia, a 2010 study found that hummus consumption in the United States had increased by 35% over a period of 21 months, with sales reaching nearly $300 million – which is pretty huge, since in 2006, only 12% of Americans had hummus in their household., which is personally my first resource for new recipes, has well over 75 user-submitted recipes for whipping up a batch at home, ranging from Avocado Hummus to Indian-Lentil Pumpkin Seed Hummus. Obviously, the hummus world is both open and extremely adventurous.

Let’s celebrate hummus this Friday! What’s your favorite brand? Do you have a spectacular recipe you’re willing to share?

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