Today, have your cake and celebrate it too! January 27th is National Chocolate Cake Day, so in my opinion, everyone’s allowed to cheat on their New Year’s weight loss resolutions today! At the very least, feed your eyes with this gallery!

The king of all desserts, chocolate cake can take on so many forms that even if you’re not a chocolate fan, there’s still probably a chocolate cake for you. Chocolate cake can vary from the coconut-packed German chocolate cakes to chocolate cheesecake to the drool-worthy chocolate lava cake. It’s dessert that doesn’t just feed you but it also feeds your soul. I mean, could you think of a more perfect breakup companion? (Technically, cookie dough and ice cream are up there too, but typically because of their chocolate properties.) Not to mention it played a major role in all of the best birthday parties growing up (except for mine because I had to be different and have a Funfetti cake).

So today, appreciate, enjoy and indulge in one of the world’s most celebrated desserts. I dare your stomach to not growl while browsing this gallery. I double chocolate dare you. (Okay, that was lame, I’m going to leave now.)

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