Celeb Feuds: Teddy Ruxpin and Ted

“It takes two to feud,” Oprah said in her recent sit down with rapper 50 Cent. Celebrities have been feuding as long as there has been the notion of celebrity or, you know, I am guessing that’s true. Sometimes the feuds have significant merit, sometimes they’re just straight up dumb. I’m really hoping we aren’t taking these celeb feuds too seriously, because I mean, come on – there are greater things to worry about. This week, we should definitely be worrying about the feud between Teddy Ruxpin and Ted (the teddy bear from the movie “Ted”).

Celebs in Feud: Teddy Ruxpin and Ted

Length of Feud: A couple weeks or so

Details of Feud: The creator of Teddy Ruxpin wishes the movie Ted had never been made. “Ken Forsse saw the commercials for “Ted” — a teddy bear who drinks, smokes, fights and tries to bang floozies — he felt it was an affront to the entire stuffed animal community. (via)”

Fun Feud Facts: Teddy Ruxpin was the “Official Spokesbear for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children” in 1985.

Feud Settled: I have a feeling Seth MacFarlane thinks this whole thing is funny and probably doesn’t care what Ken Forsse thinks, but again, that’s just my opinion.

Other Feuds: For a brief time, Teddy Ruxpin and Winnie the Pooh had a falling out while the two were up for some of the same roles in the late ’80s teen movie scene.

Side Notes:  My thought on this subject can really be summed up by saying does anyone in their 20s (the major market for this movie) even know who Teddy Ruxpin is? There was a re-release of the bear in 2006, but how popular was he? I mean, no offense to Teddy Ruxpin. I remember who you are, even though my parents never bought me one when I was a child. Maybe this really should be a feud between my parents and me.