Cats Have Won the Internet — And Here’s Why

I think it’s safe to say that cats have dominated this cyberworld we occupy. With the rise of cat-centric social networking sites like Catster and Catmoji, us cat ladies (and fellas) are officially out of the closet, and clearly we’re not alone.

Traditional pet enthusiasts (aka dog owners) are struggling to figure out how cats could have beaten out man’s best friend for the spotlight on the largest global stage that has ever existed. Instead of fighting this adorable phenomenon, we should all just sit back, and just enjoy it. But for the folks out there who are still puzzled as to how this could have possibly happened, here are a few reasons why cats will always win on the Internet.

1) Us Cubicle Dwellers Are Jelly 

For those of us living the 9-5-work week, it’s hard not to become envious of cats sometimes. When I think about it, my cat pretty much has my dream life. She basically lives to take naps, do things that are unintentionally adorable, and eat organic food that someone else buys for her. She cat pretty much do no wrong in my eyes.

When you’re stuck in the office, sneaking a quick peak at a cat being completely adorable is just so gratifying. While dogs are energetic and aim to please, cats just roll on their backs like, “Whatever man, I’ll do it later.” The urban workforce consumes cat content out of a deep seeded desire to harness their “cat-titude.”

2) We Are Biologically Programmed to Love Cats

It’s true. Cats share many of the same features as human babies: large, wide set eyes, a flattened nose and that indescribable “I’m helpless” look. Because human infants are so helpless when they’re born, we evolved to think babies are adorable, so we will nurture them until they can fend for themselves. Whatever triggers our desire to feel compassion toward infants is also activated when we see a kitty.

3) Cat Owners Crave Community

We all want to share the things that are important to us with the people we love. If you’re really into yoga, you try to drag your friends to class with you. If you’re in love, you want your entire social circle to meet that special someone. When you get a new car, you want to take your friends out for a spin. But when you get a new kitten . . . you take pictures of it being cute and upload them to Instagram.

Emily Huh, creator of the infamous site Cheezburger explains this theory in detail, “In regards to why cats are more popular than dogs on the Internet, I think it’s because cat owners don’t have a cat park or a place where they can congregate in person to talk about their cats like how dog owners have a dog park to talk about their dogs. The Internet has provided a place for cat owners and fans of cats to talk about their own cats, comment on how hilarious, cute, or evil their cat is and swap stories, pictures, and videos.”

Basically, the Internet’s love of cats has allowed cat lovers everywhere to shatter the stereotype of the lonely, reclusive cat person. Cat loving online communities like Buzzfeed, Cheezburger, and Imgur have allowed us to craft a new narrative where our cats are the social stars of the show. We can finally share something we love with the rest of the world.

Some Famous Cat Faces

The Internet allows people to become stars from the comfort of their own homes! Fortunately, this privilege has also been extended to their feline counterparts.

Grumpy Is the New Happy — Meet Grump Cat


At a time when cat worship and hipster cynicism were at an all-time high in the digital world, along came a cat that perfectly combined these two qualities — Grumpy Cat! Her real name is Tardar Sauce and she became an overnight Internet sensation in September of 2012 (for obvious reasons). Grumpy Cat now enjoys her own cult following. Her last public appearance was at South by Southwest where fans waited in line for over 5 hours just to take a picture with her!

Image via.

Lil Bub


First of all, LOOK AT THAT FACE. Lil Bub has been declared as “one of nature’s happiest accidents.” Good Morning America has even dubbed her “the cutest cat in the world.” She recently starred in a documentary called Lil Bub and Friends. It just won best feature film at the online Tribeca Film Festival.

Image via.



Let’s all say it together, “Awwww” Just when you thought that an Internet-famous cat had to have an odd/cute looking face, Snoopy comes in and shows us all that you can be a winner just from looks alone. Snoopy quickly became a superstar on Instagram with her super cute face.

Image via.



Maru lives in Japan, but is well-known throughout the whole world for hanging out in boxes and being really cute. Her videos on YouTube have been viewed over 158 million times, and her YouTube channel is one of the most popular in Japan. Aside from being a cyber-star, Maru has been featured in several books and movies, illustrating that cats can be successful across all media platforms.

Image via.

Colonel Meow


Oh.My.God. Colonel Meow’s popularity quickly dispels any theories that famous Internet cats have to be cute. I mean he IS cute, but also kind of terrifying. This Seattle based cat has over 35,000 fans on Facebook, and avid YouTube subscribers. It’s hard to believe that Colonel Meow is all-cat and not secretly part bear, but he is! According to his owner, Colonel likes to sleep, is afraid of birds and wants to dominate the world.

Image via.

These famous kitties are living proof that Internet audiences are hungry for cat-content. We’re standing by, ready and willing to embrace cats of all shapes, sizes, colors, and temperaments into our digital lives. Moral of the story: Dogs may rule the streets, but cyberspace belongs to the cats. Meow.

Story by Jessica Ruane.

Feature image via.

  • Emily Rainbow Paddlepop Lewis

    Cats just complete me.

  • Jesica Vaisman

    I’m more of a dog person, but I also love cats. Why do we have to compare them? Why does the human need to make everything a competition? Can people just love one or them or both, on real life or on the internet, and just leave it at that? This type of thing just make dog owners say “dogs are better” and cat owners say “cats are the best thing ever”, but why there has to be a best pet specie? Cats vs Dogs, Coca vs Pepsi, Mcdonalds vs Wendy or whatever. There always have to be 2 sides, as to separate people or make them take sides. Why is it important which pet is more seen on the internet? I’m sorry, to me it just sounds ridiculous.
    So your first point is invalid. Just because cats can be more mellow and relaxed doesn’t mean that people will like to watch more pictures of them while working. It makes no sense to me, like at all. atching a cute puppy chase his tale is just as cute.
    And I sure don’t get your second point; why wouldn’t people feel the same way to kittens that to puppys? Do puppys have smaller eyes, or are less helpless? No sense there either.
    You want reasons to love dogs? They are loyal, they wait for you and receive you with all their love, they are fun to play with, they can walk with you and help you exercise, etc etc. Reasons to love cats? They are independent but also really like to hang out with people. They get cozy by your side while are doing anythings, love to relax and when they play they are super cute, etc etc. You can like cats, dogs, birds, snakes, iguanas or dolphins for all that matters. No one rules the streets, and no one rules the internet. It’s not a competition and it sucks that animals have to be compared in cuteness.

    • Taylor Spotswood


  • Lauren Scharf

    I liked this article before I even read it because I already know I’m going to love it

  • Marcela Blunck Bowidowicz

    I tend to also look at kitten photos more than puppies, but if I had to come home to cat I would be a very sad lady. I’m just more of a dog person, though I know dogs are not for everybody,

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