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Step aside, cat cafes, because cat bars are now a thing


If you thought nothing could be better than relaxing in a cafe drinking coffee with cats, hold on to your hats. Sana Hamelin, creator of Denver, Colorado’s cat cafe Denver Cat Company, has something even better up her sleeve: a cat bar.

Yes, if her Kickstarter reaches its $60,000 goal by July 8th, then Denver will hopefully get the United States’ first ever cat bar in 2017. And with such amazing perks, like customized shot glasses, cat wine (appropriately named Pinot Meow), and VIP launch party invites, who wouldn’t donate some of their hard-earned cashola?

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Many of our guests want to come in at night and have a glass of wine with friends at the cafe, so it makes sense that we’ll give them a cat bar,” Sana told Eater Denver. “I want this to be the first one in America. We’ll have evening hours, a bar-like environment, and, of course, cats and wine.”

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