Cassandra Bankson's Camo Confession is Heartbreaking, Powerful

Listen to Cassandra speak about growing up and why she feels so wonderful now stepping forward! It is painful to hear how she was treated but this should give us all courage and strength to see her thrive and love herself today! Check her out on YouTube and Twitter.

“In order to be successful and happy, all we have to do is be ourselves…”

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  • Katie McMahon

    If all we have to do is be ourselves, why use Dermablend? I really like the positivity in this campaign, but it doesn’t totally make sense for what it’s marketing.

  • Jenelle Therrien

    I think I’m a pretty awesome person, and my self esteem is pretty high when it cones to my personality, intelligence, sense of humor, etc… but if I have to leave home without makeup on, or let someone see me without it, I hang my head, I avert my eyes, and I have all the same anxiety that has been there since I was a teen. Similar to Cassandra (though never as well done!), makeup has always given me the courage I need to just be ME, without the scars and redness being my first impression on the world.

  • Catherine Bruno

    I don’t need makeup to be myself. I’ve had acne since I hit puberty in middle school. I get my skin from my dad who has oily skin. And it took awhile to come to terms with it just like I did about my body shape, but I learned to just accept it the way it is and feel confident no matter what. Words can hurt, but to me the best revenge on those who berate you is to show that they can’t break you. As soon as they see that you can be broken they’ll think you an easy target. I went a whole week without makeup and nobody noticed or cared. You just have to accept yourself and take care of yourself. You do that and you’ll be a happier person, remember that you can’t please everyone and that your happiness shouldn’t be dependent on someone else’s judgement.

  • Sarah McDonald

    Yeah, there is some major mixed-messaging going on here. I’m happy for this woman knowing that she’s found a way to feel more confident. Her story is very touching, and I get that it’s not any one person’s job to try to stand alone against unfair beauty standards and the kind of cruel behaviour she was subject to, but something about a commercial that is selling face spackle as the solution to self-esteem issues caused by bullying and a society that puts a ridiculous emphasis on rigid standards of beauty doesn’t sit well with me.

  • Jess Hill

    Wow her skin has really cleared up! I watched the acne cover up video she made a few years back and I must say what an improvement. I suffer from acne as well and I had the bullying and my own family say horrible things to me about it. Like that no guy would ever love me with a face like that. It really hurt and honestly my acne was not that bad. Once a month I would get the bad cystic acne around my mouth and chin then I always had one or two. So I decided instead of crying about it, I made it my passion to get educated on how to take care of my skin. The internet cant teach you exactly what you need. I completed cosmetology school three years ago and then I decided to make it my passion by helping others who were lost and overwhelmed by all the products out there. I started at Clinique and now I work for Aveda and its been the best experience ever. So if you are lost on what to use please see someone who is licensed and can direct you on a clear skin regimen! Cassandra if you see this let me know lol! I noticed in some of your old youtube totorials you were using things that can make you break out!
    :-\ I want to know how you got your skin to clear up!!! So excited!!!

  • Renee Ogata

    Cassandra is beautiful, inside and out!

  • Shabana Haq

    my mom use to say put lemon juice on your face(to my oldest sister). I never let her put it on my face when my face broke out.
    Clearasil face wash works fine on me. I apply neutrogena salicylic acid on my face after

    my face clears up within two days of using it.

    i feel bad for people who have acne that badly. can’t the doctors prescribe them anything or why have they not used that pro active to clear their acne up?

    • Christin Hutchins Curran

      If it was that easy to clear up acne we would all have perfect skin. I know what this girl went through. 3 rounds of Accutane and I still have acne. “I don’t see why you don’t just _____.” Is cruel and ignorant. Honestly, after 25 years of trying EVERYTHING,’s “the regimen” is the only thing that helped me. The fact that people feel that they have the right to comment on the appearance of others (almost always in cruel ways) is just gross. This woman is gorgeous, and she has a lovely face, too.

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