Casey Wilson Talks ‘Happy Endings' & Is Just All Around Divine

Casey Wilson is truly that kind of spirit that just makes everything seem just a little bit better. If you still only recognize Casey from her stint on SNL, then you need to check yourself, or wreck yourself, all good. She doesn’t just steal scenes, she is the scene. Luckily we don’t have to keep our fingers crossed that she pops up in shows like Bored to Death and movies like Julie & Julia because now we get to see her every week. It’s not an understatement to say she is the best character on TV. Happy Endings has worked its way up to being one of the best comedies on television, if not the best. The cast has chemistry that not even Walter White or Jesse Pinkman could dream of. And the best thing about her? She is truly awesome as a person. Naturally funny, kind, smart, and just really a joy. Read on for a fun chat I had with Casey and get some inside scoop on Happy Endings.

Casey! First, you know you are one of my favorite people in the world. You’re living right!

I am actually dead, David. Thanks for bringing that up.

Oh. Hey, Ghost Casey. It. Just. Got. Real. What things always, no matter what, make you giggle?

Jokes about me dying. J/k. That’s not funny. My boyfriend knocks wood about everything; he will be knocking up a storm when he reads this. Actually, what makes me giggle is saying things that force him to knock wood and especially when he lies down at night and then has to get up to knock wood. I like making him work for his superstitions. That’s so mean. I hope he stays with me – knock wood.

Let’s go deep. What is your shower routine? Are you a morning or night showerer, what kind of shampoo/condish do you use and how do you have such perfect skin?

David, what are you suggesting? I shower (semi) regularly. I am actually, aside from being a showerer, a bath person. Everyone makes fun of me because if given an extra 10-20, I can usually be found in the tub. I have a stool in my bathroom that I try to get friends to sit on and chat with me. I don’t understand why they don’t like doing this.

I mean, they could at least come in for a bit to talk about showers vs. baths. Geez, friends. You and the cast of Happy Endings have really created this awesome slang way of talking. Where did this come from? I know not a lot is improvised on set, but I can’t imagine the way you talk being written into the script. Now everyone wants to talk like Penny. How did you all manage to come up with the cool new way to talk?

The way we talk on the show is 99% the writing. The writers are all very funny, obviously, and they seized upon the abreevs and now phonetically write about Penny’s weirdisms such as “ooofa moofa” or “kewl”. It’s great if I feel lazy, as they build jokes into words. I love it. Initially I lucked into saying amazing as amahzing, but that is truly the only thing I can take credit for, Pennywise. Everything else is our writers.

So far, this season is picking up right where it left off, as in being just great. Are you and the group starting to officially realize you are one of the best comedies on television? Was there a certain point, last season, or maybe in season one, where you were like, yep, we’ve hit our stride, the Chicago sky is our limit?

Everything you have just said is very nice and I thank you for it, but it’s certainly not anything we have wrapped our minds around because even though we love the show, it’s watched by a fairly small percentage of people (visionaries, I call them). The following we have has been so wonderful and they watch very faithfully and tweet about the show, which is the best, and we are so grateful for them. We do hope more people find the show, of course, because generally if people start watching it, they like it! That was my long way of saying: thank you and no.

What is a typical table read like? Put us in the room with you. Are you seeing the script for the first time? As you’re reading lines, do play around with different ways to say things?

We get the scripts the night before and work on it as much as we can, but because we do the read Tuesday afternoon, we are usually shooting Monday night and Tuesday morning, so we try to do our best but ends up being a fairly cold read (as they say in the biz – ugh!). The writers work VERY HARD on the scripts and pack them with an insane amount of jokes so it’s always very fun and the jokes are pre-standard board, so way darker and bluer than what ends up airing on ABC. You always know the best jokes because Damon Wayans Jr. has this cackle and he will let it loose if something is super funny. His laugh is a great barometer.

The writers play the other parts and all of them are hysterical and could be and should be on the show, too, which shames us as a cast. Adam Pally and I do the same, sad, actor-y bit for each script, which is that we share a highlighter to highlight our lines and torment each other with how much highlighter we may or may not have left depending on how many lines we have that episode. It’s very juvenile.

Who in the cast has the hardest time keeping a straight face while shooting?

Damon Wayans Jr. The gag reel they showed at the Christmas party was basically 14 minutes of Damon and one minute the rest of us.

Casey Rocking "The Rachel"

Can you give us some spoilers, or things to watch out for throughout the rest of the season? I hear Max might be moving out, and also that a flashback episode might come along where you rock the “Rachel” haircut. Also, is it true you get a love interest that Max gets super jealous of?

This week it’s revealed through flashbacks that our group was formed when Max and Brad were filming a season of The Real World: Sacramento. It turned out to be an unaired season because one of the cast members burned the house down. The friends all visited when they were filming and we watch those tapes while cooking Thanksgiving dinner. It’s ridiculous. Penny sports The Rachel hairdo and wears hot pink Juicy Couture sweats tucked loosely (this is important, the look was the have them LOOSELY tucked) into Uggs. Also, Penny gets a boyfriend and is in a serious relationship with a guy played by Nick Zano, who is gorgeous and wonderful. Seriously, throw a Google image search at him and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Do you know what’s going on with the (THIS MUST PLEASE HAPPEN) movie deal talks with Bored to Death? Obviously, your character has to at least pop up even if for just a bit, right?

Ha, not that I know of, but thank you for Secret-ing this!!

What are your current must-watch shows on TV at the moment?

I love Homeland and am on an HGTV kick. Love It or List It is my entire universe. As are The Real Housewives (all cities), although it’s getting to be a lot of wives to keep up with!

Housewives be poppin up like cra. It was announced over the summer that you and BFF June Diane Raphael will be writing and producing a new show, The Housewives, for ABC. First, I would watch anything penned by you both, and second, WHAT CAN YOU TELL US ABOUT IT? What stage are you in with the show? What will it be about?

Thanks! We are writing the pilot now and are really exited! June is going to star in it and it stemmed from our love of all things Housewives and I Love Lucy and we thought it would be great to see a sitcom set in the 1950s…so we are working away on it!

Love it. What was the last thing that shouldn’t have made you cry but did, like a commercial or kitten video or something?

Oh, I cry at everything. I cried uncontrollably getting out of a cab the other night because the driver off-handedly said passengers can be rude to him. That sent me down a spiral of “people are so mean, how do we live in this world” type dark hole and my boyfriend had to remind me he seemed like a very happy, upbeat guy. I, in fact, seemed way more unhappy than he.

You have a big heart! That’s okay! What song instantly makes you start dancing, no matter where you are, or what you’re, you hear this song, and just gotta dance!

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ is everything to me.

What’s your favorite thing about the holiday season?

I love decorating and serving apple martinis and singing. I do a holiday party where I hire a piano player and he plays Christmas songs and show tunes and everybody acts like they are too cool to sing, but after they drink enough, a girlfriend is up there alone, belting out and crying to ‘Someone Like You’ and it gets weird and fun.

Can you tell us a little bit about what your writing process is like? Do you and June write together, do you have to mentally make it feel like work, like put yourself in a place where there will be no distractions?

We beat everything out story wise together and then because we both act in separate things and work on different schedules, we alternate scenes and send them back and forth. We have such a similar voice it’s fun because almost immediately we can’t remember who wrote what. I write everywhere – in my office, in bed, on set, in my trailer, coffee shops, whenever I have time.

When you have a rare day off, how do you spend it?

I like doing a Korean Spa with girlfriends and love the nap floor where you bring a magazine and chat with a girlfriend and then oddly take a nap together. It’s so cozy. Otherwise, I go to every movie that comes out and I have been known to enjoy adult spirits.

Anything else we should know about that you have coming up in the near future?

June Diane Raphael and I co-wrote and co-star in an R-rated female buddy comedy called Ass Backwards that is coming out soon. It’s about overly co-dependent best friends. Like a Romy and Michelle or Dumb and Dumber for women. We are very proud of it and excited to get it to the good people.

Thanks David!!

Thanks Casey! xoxo

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“The Rachel” image provided by Casey Wilson