Can you pee too much?

How many times a day is it normal to pee? Be real with me.

Before I divulge way too much personal information, I need you guys to ask yourself a few questions. How many times a day to you pee? Do you really drink water? Do you hate typing “pee” as much I do? I’m going to assume that somewhere out there, someone will understand me. Here you go… Guys, I pee so much. Like, it’s not even cute how much I pee. Not that peeing would even be considered cute, but whatever is going on here is not cute.

The worst part is that I barely drink water (I’m not bragging, it’s gross of me) but I don’t drink water because I’m afraid to pee more than I already do. I think it’s 86% percent mental (a percentage I made up), but it’s real. It’s not just, oh, you think you have to pee and then you don’t. It’s for real; my body is obsessed with peeing. I have Googled “How many times is it normal to pee?” so much that my search button just immediately goes to it. The answer: 8 times in a 24 hour period. Eight times? Honestly, that is by 11am for me (considering that I wake up at 6am, also imagine my pain).

This has started to affect my relationships and truly makes me self-conscious. Recently, on a sleepover with another human, I found myself doing what I always do, waiting for the other person to fall asleep and then get up 6-8 times throughout the night, hoping they don’t notice. Throughout the years I have been caught, but I always had a great excuse – “I drank SO MUCH JUICE TODAY” or “I’m not peeing, I’m talking to my cousins in ISRAEL, in privacy!”

This time was different; after the fourth adventure out of bed, my friend said to me, “That’s enough, you are not allowed to go anymore.” I honestly felt terror come over, like he was planning on kidnapping me from being me. I tried to laugh it off, but he was not kidding. Every time I would sneakily attempt to get up, there he was again, prepared to follow me and help me face this issue. I have never felt more scared. So scared that I literally started screaming, “THIS IS WHO I AM, ACCEPT ME.”

Have you ever had to defend your bodily functions? No, because it’s a super weird thing to have to do. I’m telling you, it happens and I want you all to be prepared to do something about it. I care about you guys. I now understand how new mothers feel sleep training their kids. It’s painful to watch the ones you love go through pain, but just like a baby doesn’t really need that pacifier, I don’t need to pee. Your mind will come up with a million reasons to get up. It even has a way of controlling your body in ways that is really upsetting. But you know what happened? The fear I felt sort of made me tired and I fell asleep and guess what, I didn’t get up to pee ’til morning. CURED? Nope, I’ll probably have to join a commune where they accept me or become some famous case study, but I am willing to change or go consult with a physician like an adult.

Please say someone else gets this? Also, any tips are highly recommended. There are no judgements here.

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