Can you pee too much?

How many times a day is it normal to pee? Be real with me.

Before I divulge way too much personal information, I need you guys to ask yourself a few questions. How many times a day to you pee? Do you really drink water? Do you hate typing “pee” as much I do? I’m going to assume that somewhere out there, someone will understand me. Here you go… Guys, I pee so much. Like, it’s not even cute how much I pee. Not that peeing would even be considered cute, but whatever is going on here is not cute.

The worst part is that I barely drink water (I’m not bragging, it’s gross of me) but I don’t drink water because I’m afraid to pee more than I already do. I think it’s 86% percent mental (a percentage I made up), but it’s real. It’s not just, oh, you think you have to pee and then you don’t. It’s for real; my body is obsessed with peeing. I have Googled “How many times is it normal to pee?” so much that my search button just immediately goes to it. The answer: 8 times in a 24 hour period. Eight times? Honestly, that is by 11am for me (considering that I wake up at 6am, also imagine my pain).

This has started to affect my relationships and truly makes me self-conscious. Recently, on a sleepover with another human, I found myself doing what I always do, waiting for the other person to fall asleep and then get up 6-8 times throughout the night, hoping they don’t notice. Throughout the years I have been caught, but I always had a great excuse – “I drank SO MUCH JUICE TODAY” or “I’m not peeing, I’m talking to my cousins in ISRAEL, in privacy!”

This time was different; after the fourth adventure out of bed, my friend said to me, “That’s enough, you are not allowed to go anymore.” I honestly felt terror come over, like he was planning on kidnapping me from being me. I tried to laugh it off, but he was not kidding. Every time I would sneakily attempt to get up, there he was again, prepared to follow me and help me face this issue. I have never felt more scared. So scared that I literally started screaming, “THIS IS WHO I AM, ACCEPT ME.”

Have you ever had to defend your bodily functions? No, because it’s a super weird thing to have to do. I’m telling you, it happens and I want you all to be prepared to do something about it. I care about you guys. I now understand how new mothers feel sleep training their kids. It’s painful to watch the ones you love go through pain, but just like a baby doesn’t really need that pacifier, I don’t need to pee. Your mind will come up with a million reasons to get up. It even has a way of controlling your body in ways that is really upsetting. But you know what happened? The fear I felt sort of made me tired and I fell asleep and guess what, I didn’t get up to pee ’til morning. CURED? Nope, I’ll probably have to join a commune where they accept me or become some famous case study, but I am willing to change or go consult with a physician like an adult.

Please say someone else gets this? Also, any tips are highly recommended. There are no judgements here.

  • Hayley Jayne Merchant

    Dude, sorry to hear that you have this annoying problem! Sounds to me like you have an overactive bladder. Look up the condition, and see if it’s what you’re experiencing. Through bladder training (which is when you resist the urge and hold on for longer, lengthening the time over a matter of weeks), you can teach your bladder to hold more fluid without it sending your brain panic signals that you need to go to the toilet (which causes the spasms that make you feel desperate).
    Good luck!

  • Halley Beth

    I’m the same way, and I’ve always blamed it on the “power of suggestion.” I’m glad to see that I’m not alone! :)

  • Melissa Senger

    I pee at least 10 times a day. Maybe more like 12.

  • Matthew Haugland

    It could be either a bladder infection, or you might have diabetes. You should check with a doctor soon.

  • Crystle Liebhart

    Frequent urination is a sign of diabetes.

  • Katalina Padilla

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  • Gigi Austin

    I have this exact same problem! I have no idea what to do about it, but I know it’s totally mental. Advice would be lovely!

  • Katalina Padilla

    I really thought I was the only one. It’s very annoying, especially at night or when i’m out.

  • Deanne Kondrat

    This is my life! My friends hate taking road trips with me for this very reason. Over-pee-ers unite!

  • Melissa Paddy Powers

    I have the opposite problem…I don’t think I pee enough!

  • Molly Jessica Reid

    i know this might sound insanely weird but if you drink more you might wee less? i used to wee loads but i drink like 6 bottles of juice a day and now i only need to wee once before bed, and don’t have to get up in the night. going to the cinema is a bummer though because i know i dont want to wee so it just makes me need more haha

  • Anika Burke

    Once I am asleep I don’t get up to go the bathroom tell morning, but sometimes I go 5 to 10 times before I fall a sleep. I also go all day long, buy unlike you I drink about a gallon of water a day plus a ton of diet coke.

  • Robyn Fiddes

    you should maybe consider going to the doctors, as this can be a sign of many problems including type 1 and 2 diabeties

  • Robyn Michelle

    omg this is so me, everyone I know thinks I’m a weirdo for how much I pee. I cannot fall asleep unless my bladder is completely empty! And I barely drink ANYTHING. ughhh!

  • Melissa Early

    I’m a frequent peer too! I’ve had to defend it and I always HATE road trips of anything over 45 minutes because I hate asking to stop to go to the bathroom 45 minutes into a 1 hour trip. Yes, I really have to go. No, I can’t hold it. And if I drink alcohol, forget about it, every 15-30 minutes. I have a small bladder, I’ve just started telling people that it doesn’t bug me, why does it bug you?

  • Corryn Wheatley

    I understand how you feel. After my doctor ruling out diabetes and infection they really don’t know what’s wrong. I seriously get up between 5 and 8 times a night to pee and it’s always the “IF I DON’T GO RIGHT NOW I WILL PEE MYSELF” type of urgency. If someone tried to stop me from peeing at night I would just do it in their bed. Don’t mess with my bladder.

    • Misty Miller Sciarabba

      Corryn, please see my post below. What you are describing is called “urgency” or even “Urge incontinence” It is a symptom of something. If there is no infection, you may have something that doesn’t carry as difinitive diagnosing protocol like intersticial cystits. For sure try eliminating caffein for a couple of weeks just to see if it helps.

  • Steven Forster

    I cannot have more than two cups of coffee or I will go allll day. I find that on days that it is cloudy or cool I go even more too. I work out everyday and sweat a lot too, and sometimes that helps. I asked a Dr. one time about it and he told me that I am not sweating as much and that is why I go even though I haven’t drank a cup of water or anything else that day. Maybe I just retain lots of water.

  • Ashley Vorshak

    I feel you. Last night I was at a friend’s house and peed five times within a three hour period. It got awkward. I kept using the excuse “I just wanted another muffin” whenever I went inside the house.

  • Steven Toro

    This depends … I know if I drink a lot of water during the day, i tend to go a lot.
    Coffee tends to make me go pee if I have more than 3 cups a day. As long as you are taking in a lot of water (keeping yourself hydrated) then its normal. However, if right after you drink a bottle of water, you have to go pee in 5 mins, then that may not be normal and you should definitely get that checked. There is a rare condition where some hormone that is supposed to retain the water in your body that could be the cause of that but like I said, thats for the doctors to decide if you are that concerned.

  • Stephanie Mares

    I would check with your doctor. I’m a nursing student, and my first thought is that you might have either overactive bladder or possibly even diabetes insipidus. Which, if either, of these things would depend on several measurable factors, including how much you pee in a given day, specific gravity (particulates vs. water), etc… Both conditions are treatable, but you need to see a real doctor to get real answers.

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