The Very Good Looking 2012 USA Olympic Swim Team Makes A "Call Me Maybe" Video And You Need To See ItRebecca Fernandez

You guys already know we have Olympic fever, and last night Molls sent me this video and it was almost too much. Carly Rae and some of our favorite Olympians have come together to make all our wildest dreams come true. I’m totally biased, but I’m sure we have the most attractive Olympians, right?

Image via Glamour.

  • Rachel Lam

    DANG IT nbcolympics and UMG for blocking the video! I’m so outraged :(

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Hahahaha! I say they deserve a medal for this! Good luck to everyone! :)

  • Sean Morrow

    It would be pretty funny/tragic if one of them twisted their ankle or something while doing those dance moves.

  • Tasha French

    I would like to say that the picture at the top of this article is terribly mis-leading.

    • Clare Bamford

      Agreed lol.

  • Duane Hansen Fernandez

    I want my arms to look like the girl’s arms at 01:25:00. I love the olympics. #HelloOlympics

  • Carmel Slappy Lewis

    hahaha! Awesome! Well done team USA! (GO AUSSIES!)

  • Valerie Paquette Kendall

    As of I just cried at that. Lol! Cute video! <3

  • Marianne ter Bekke

    Yes, I think you do have the most attractive Olympians! Thanks for sharing ( in The Netherlands we have the Olynpic fever too!).

  • Kelsey Taylor

    That video was absolutely adorable! I loved it. Thanks for sharing!

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