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Business Casual On A Budget

Sam writes:

First of all, I LOVE this site. I just leave the tab open all the time and keep refreshing it. I saw you did an article about low-budget ways to mix outfits for vacation, and I was wondering if you could do the same or something similar for business casual. I got a new (unpaid) internship and I have to wear business casual, but I only have my two token interview outfits in my closet. I need to get more (obviously), but I am also a starving student and don’t have tons of money to spend. Any tips??

Hi Sam! Congrats on the internship. Yes! I can definitely help you with the biz casual situation. Like the vacation post I did, you are going to want to choose pieces that all go well with each other. Keep in mind that if you add a blazer or cardigan to pretty much any look, you will step it up and make it business casual friendly. Throw on a statement necklace and voila! Not only will you be work appropriate, but a fashionista hottie too! Some key pieces to look out for are a blazer in black or navy, a cardigan in grey or brights like coral, lime green or teal, dark denim jeans and/or black trousers, neutral flats or sandals, a classic white button-down and statement jewelry, preferably necklaces. Here are some I found at affordable prices, all these pieces mix and match with each other wonderfully. Happy Shopping!

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