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Jessica writes:

I’m always struggling to figure out what I can wear to work, as business casual is usually what I’m suppose to wear. My attire is often border line too casual, continually challenged with the whole business casual notion. Yet I feel like I have an inner fashionista that’s dying to come out, but constantly repressed because of these borders. I’ve got a curvy figure – one of those medium body types that comes with a decent sized chest. Do you have any suggestions for the fashion-challenged and budget conscious? Thanks! The Fashionista-Wannabe 

Hi Jessica! Business casual does not have to be boring and there is no reason your individuality can’t shine through. I’ve tackled this issue before with my Business Casual On A Budget post but I’ll add some more items into the mix, so you and other Hello Giggles’ readers, can be Business Casual Fashionista Pros!

One easy way to step up business casual wear is with accessories and shoes. Try chunky statement necklaces, layering bracelets, large stud earrings, skinny belts in bright colors or patterns, silk scarves and fun flats, boots and heels. Style tip: Do not, I repeat DO NOT go crazy with accessories! Wear 1-2 statement pieces at a time. Meaning try pairing a statement necklace with a cool skinny belt, or go for a silk scarf and layering bracelets. The general rule of thumb for me is, one statement piece on the top half of my body (necklace, earrings, scarf or hair accessory) and one statement piece on the bottom half of my body (belt or bracelets). There are exceptions to this rule, of course, but less is usually more.

You mentioned having a decent size chest and with that, I suggest necklaces that are shorter, versus longer ones that will sit on top of your chest or fall in between your chest. As for the curvy figure…curvy is fantastic, sexy and beautiful! I’ve included some Asos Curve options that are affordable and great on a curvier figure.

Happy Shopping and have fun with your Business Casual Wear!

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Here are more accessory ideas to play with…

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