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When Bullying Backfires: The Whitney Kropp (Totally Inspirational) Story

So a few days ago, someone emailed me the link of an article about a girl who was named to the homecoming court as a joke. 16-year-old Whitney Kropp isnt’t very popular at her high school in her tiny town, and when she was chosen to be one of the girls to be on the homecoming court, she was beyond ecstatic. Who wouldn’t be? That’s a huge honor for teenage girls. Her excitement didn’t last long, though, because eventually she found out that it was all a joke. A bunch of kids chose her as a joke.

Okay… pause. This is beyond bullying. I thought some 8th grade boy shoving me against a locker was pretty rude, but this is way worse. I tried to imagine how Whitney felt after this, but I couldn’t. I’m new at my school, and I can understand what it’s like to want to be popular, to want people to like you, but Whitney’s story went way above the limits of anything I’ve ever experienced.

After finding out it was all a joke, you’d think Whitney would have been given at least a little bit of sympathy from her peers, but that wasn’t the case. The kids would point and laugh at her in the halls. The boy who was chosen with her withdrew. It wasn’t a very good time for her.

The people in her community soon realized what was going on, and it spread quickly through her small town. Once there had been attention brought to the situation and everyone knew about it, kids at her school started encouraging her to go to homecoming despite what had happened, and there was a Facebook page made for her support. As I’m writing this, the page has 93,000 likes and there’s a new comment on the wall every 3 seconds. I really love how encouraging everyone is towards Whitney, and I’m glad that all these bullies have been called out.

Whitney’s homecoming is this Saturday and I really hope she wins. The local salon offered to do her hair for homecoming, and numerous other local businesses offered to take care of Whitney’s dress, tiara, shoes, dinner, etc. I really think she deserves all of this, considering all the bullying that she’s experienced in the last few weeks. Handling bullying can be really tough. Do you have a bullying recovery story? Leave me a comment below, or talk to me on my Twitter! Thanks for reading!