Bullseye: Pull Back, Aim and Release Your Inner Archer

Archery is making a serious comeback. Which is quite an impressive feat for a recreational activity that dates back to The Stone Age. (I don’t often get to reference this in a literal sense so I’m psyched right now!) To those of you that became dedicated archers before it got cool, I applaud you. That’s the kind of shout-out you require in order to keep reading, right? Believe me, I wish I started taking lessons before experiencing the lure of Neytiri or Katniss because when I enter the range, I immediately get lost in a sea of brunettes with tight braids. However, once I get past my initial “Gosh, we’re all the same” panic, I find it infinitely cool that so many women want to try this.

There’s always danger in handling a weapon, but bows and arrows are considered to be among the safest. Disclaimer- if you try archery for the first time without any instruction from an experienced archer and you somehow shoot the arrow into your own face, I will not be held responsible. You NEED to learn the basics in technique and safety before you begin. Once you have the basics down, you will become hooked. I mean, hooked! As with everything else, the more you practice, the more your accuracy will improve. There’s also an intoxicating power behind the release of the arrow that makes you understand why archery has landed a supporting role in several films released in the last few years.

Enter Merida, my newest master-archer obsession. Pixar’s Brave opened this weekend and unveiled their very first female lead. Merida (voiced by the beautiful Kelly MacDonald of Boardwalk Empire) is a Scottish Princess that has zero interest in settling down and playing by the rules. She is determined to make her own path and of course, in doing so, chaos ensues. Archery is not the only component that prompted my online ticket purchase in the wee hours of the morn. It was due to the gorgeous animated landscape of Scotland, the rebellious young lass that can totally hang with the boys, Mumford and Sons on the soundtrack (HECK YES) and what about those fiery curls?! I’d like to send a request out into the universe to bring this team of animators to my next hair appointment. This film looks fantastic and I cannot wait to: see it, come home, fall asleep to the soundtrack and dream of kicking some serious arse in an archery competition.

Brave is now in theaters. GO NOW!

Image via Pixar.Wikia

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