Browbeaten: I'm Being Bullied By My Threading Salon

I know there are approximately twenty-five Snow White “reimaginings” rolling out this summer, but one of them should include the around-the-clock maintenance it takes for someone of that coloring to avoid looking like Sasquatch. As a lady with jet-black hair and pasty white skin, let me tell you: it is a time commitment. Even if you handed out tweezers and waxing strips to each of the seven dwarves, the work would never end, even if they whistled the entire time. (Please go to sleep tonight with the image of a tiny, bearded man giving you a Brazilian. Sweet dreams, my loves.)

Because of my hirsute nature, I like having a convenient place to get my eyebrows done. Otherwise, time lapses, and I end up going on commercial auditions hoping the company envisioned Frida Kahlo to hustle its energy drinks. So when “Wonderful Eyebrows” first opened within blocks of my apartment, I was pumped, until I realized that its business model is “wreak emotional devastation until the clients agree to extra services.” Filmmakers of America: when is someone going to make a documentary about the bullying that takes place in eyebrow threading salons?

I am no stranger to bullying. In fact, it was thanks to middle school bullies that I realized that ten-year-old girls usually have two eyebrows instead of one thick mask of fur across their forehead. So I was very surprised that in my adult life, my eyebrows would be at the (now delineated) center of another hostile environment.

This is how it usually goes during an appointment at “Wonderful Eyebrows”: a woman forcefully rips out my hair. Afterward, she hands me a mirror so I can survey the new shape of my eyebrows, surrounded by large patches of swollen skin. As I hand back the mirror, she asks if I am happy with the shape. I compliment her work, and she responds, “Your skin is very terrible. You should get a facial.” Sometimes she dramatically points to her own face to underscore my trouble spots. “Terrible, terrible.”

Isn’t making me cry by RIPPING HAIR OUT OF MY FACE WITH THREAD enough? Must they go after my pores? …And why do I keep returning to this place time and time again?

At my last appointment, I decided to take charge of the situation. As soon as I sat down in the chair, I told her I only had time for eyebrows, although I “knew they offered lots of great services.”

And then I employed a tactic favored by bullied children everywhere: point out your own flaws first. “I tried a free sample of face cream last week and I broke out into hives,” I said. “I know my skin hasn’t calmed down yet.”


“Why are you using free face cream when you could have a facial for your terrible, terrible skin?”

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  • Julia Hays

    The few times that I’ve treated myself to a manicure, the women who work at my local salon say: “Are you sure you don’t want to get your eyebrows waxed? They really need to be waxed.” I never wax my eyebrows, I tweeze them, and I’m totally okay with the fact that they’re a little more natural and full then some of my friends. They work for me. But I really took the comments personally the first few times I heard them, but I guess some places use the tactic of embarrassing a customer to get them to use more services, instead of offering a discount or incentive to try them.

  • Amanda Kashmoney Jurkash

    I like when they volunteer to wax my mustache, which I don’t have, and then laugh about me as I’m paying. I feel your pain girl.

  • Monica Burton

    I feel lucky that my eyebrow threading place is so nice!

  • Angelia Jones

    Precisely why I don’t go to treading salons or nail salons. The women are awful. You go to relax, but you just end up being badgered the whole time. I go to girl who runs her own small spa, she is amazing, always smiling and has an answer and solution to every question without insisting you NEED something. Gee I wonder why she’s always booked up a month in advance…these other “salons” could learn a thing or two.

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    Oh my gosh, yes, every time I go to the nail salon they ask if I want my eyebrows waxed! Drives me nuts! First of all, you probably can’t tell by my picture but my eyebrows are VERY light even though I have dark hair…I actually put a little bit of eyeshadow on them to slightly darken them when I’m dressing up, and honestly the only plucking I need is a random hair or two below my brow. Once I looked at the manicurist and said: “Well, look at my eyebrows, don’t you think they’re fine, you can hardly see them?” She looked mortified and said: “::gasp:: oh no, need to be plucked very bad!”…..I then looked at her nonexistent overly plucked eyebrows with a single pencil line drawn in for them and decided at that moment that perhaps I needed to grow my nails out and paint them myself lol! and I did! XD

  • Diana Zapata

    i usually go to the places where I know the ladies don’t, you know, insult me. however, one day I was in a hurry to get my eyebrows done because I was going away and it was the weekend so i ended up at this place close to my house that i’d never been to. not only was it ridiculously expensive, the woman doing the threading openly mocked my eyebrows and how I cut the inner part. i’m sorry i’m not an eyebrow expert, lady, but there’s no need to literally point and laugh. tell me what i’m doing wrong so I can correct it but I did not pay for an extra side of humilliation.

  • Amy Kelley Bell

    Last time I went to have my eyebrows threaded the lady asked if I wanted to do my lip next… i almost had a HEART ATTACK!!! I quickly made a visit to my friend, who is a makeup artist for Chanel, and made him promise to tell me the second I needed to start threading/waxing my upper lip. I haven’t been brave enough to go back since… My eyebrows are looking pretty shabby due to my post-threading-stress-disorder.

  • Rae Ghun

    Ugh I hate the bullying from salons. I like my eyebrows and only get them done occasionally when I feel like I want to snazz up a little extra. I like they are wild and free (though within some means). And I think I’ll just tweeze them myself more often and play with shapes. I’ve learned to arm myself when I get a pedicure, and keep in mind to say No. Just no…No I’m fine. Thanks. No matter what body part they reference to wax, Although I wish I was so fimr with myself when I go into Accessorize :/

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