Brother/Sister: The Accidental Zoo EP

Meet my newest band crush, Brother/Sister. It’s not easy to be my band crush, either, so good work, siblings! Well, sort of siblings. The band consists of Theo, Sasha (and David Daraghi). Theo and Sasha are actual brother and sister, but aren’t we all brothers and sisters? Personally, I’m going to consider myself related to these folks because it will make me feel better about myself. Because they are awesome. There is both a bald eagle and a killer whale on their new EP cover, so you know they’re not messing around.

This is straight up indie music, my friends. The EP is up on BandCamp, so you know it’s legit. The whole grass roots music thing is the greatest the internet has ever done, in my humble opinion. I’m a big fan of supporting bands by buying their music either from sites like Band Camp or directly from them at shows. But I digress.

Brother/Sister’s The Accidental Zoo EP manages to blend modern indie pop and 1960s pop with a flourish of dreamy overtones, ending with a lovely and unique sound all their own. Sasha’s voice is beautiful, sometimes haunting. She controls it wonderfully, letting it wash over the instrumentation softly at parts, and ring out strongly when it needs to.

The vocals are nuanced, balancing guitar and drum with intent while the melodies are varied and adhesive. They will get stuck in your head, and in the best way. All three songs on this EP hold their own, varied enough that I didn’t get bored (even on my tenth listen), and yet holding the integrity of their creators so as to keep an overarching, consistent sound. I only wish there were more than just three songs, but another EP (or full length? Yes? Please?) will be worth the wait!

You can listen/buy on Band Camp HERE

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