The Broke Girl's Guide To Being A Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid doesn’t come cheap. In fact it’s getting really, really expensive. According to, it costs, on average, about $1,695, just to play the role of bride’s best friend. It was all too much for Salon’s Carey Purcell, who recently wrote a piece about how she can’t be a bridesmaid in her friends’ weddings anymore because she just can’t afford it.

How does a girl go from saying “Yes, of COURSE I’ll be your bridesmaid” to watching almost two thousand dollars stage a prison break from her bank account? Well, there’s the bridesmaid dress, which can be $400 (it can ALSO be more). There’s the planning and throwing of showers and bachelorette parties, which sometimes take place out of state and involve planes and hotel rooms. And then there’s the travel expenses, hair, makeup, and mani-pedis on the big day. Let’s not forget the gifts. All that can add up to a scary amount of cash.

So what do you do when you REALLY want to be one of your friend’s go-to girls on her big day but you cannot afford that bonkers-times price tag? Thoughts below.

Be Upfront With How Much You Can Spend On The Wedding

Find a good time to do this early on in the planning process. Sit your bride down and tell her that you love her to the moon and back and you so want to be a part of her day, but you can’t spend more than X amount of dollars over the course of the year. If the bride is really set on $500 dresses and a bachelorette party in Thailand, and you can’t foot that bill, you need to be prepared to sincerely apologize and tell her you can’t be a bridesmaid. Offer to help with the DIY projects, play an attendant role during the big day, you can work together to find a way to be significantly involved in this wedding.

See If It’s Possible For The Bridesmaids To Rent Instead Of Buy Their Dresses

Ideally you have a bride who gives you a paint chip and you can go troll around TJ Maxx for that exact shade of lavender. Or your bride picks $50 dresses for you (that’s what I did). But if your bride is hellbent on expensive dresses, send her links to sites like Little Borrowed Dress and Rent the Runway. Dudes rent their tuxes all the time, we should make this a more popular option for ladies as well.

Make Your Shower and Bachelorette Gifts

I’ve heard of girls making albums for their brides for shower/bach party presents and I think that is the sweetest thing. I had a friend who couldn’t come to my bachelorette party who made Mad Libs for us to play at brunch and it was the loveliest way of her being there without actually, you know, being there. Fancy sheets and lingerie are fun-times, but a thoughtful, personal gesture is equally fun-times (if not more so).

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