Braised Radishes, Butter & French Bread

For the longest time I would see these funky little roots in the grocery store and never really knew what to do with them. They are a superfood and appealing on so many levels. I have really grown to love them. They are even in my Real Girl’s Kitchen symbol. In a lot of ways I think we can really relate to a radish…deeply rooted but with an unpredictable and spicy nature…not to mention, they are hot pink. I love anything hot pink.

You can eat a radish in a number of ways, if I could guess you have probably had them raw in a salad before…unless they are fresh off the farm, that’s not always so great…but let’s step your game up shall we?

What you need:

French Radishes, 1 bunch (The really twisty ones are my favorite!)

1-2 tablespoons of butter… depending on your attitude. I used two!

Fresh chopped Italian flat leaf parsley

A good quality sea salt

1 cup of water (You really only need enough liquid to barely cover the radishes. Adjust accordingly.)

1 cup of dry white wine (For you over 21-ers, any white wine is fine.)


Some crusty french bread




How to:

Trim off the greens. Using a veggie brush, scrub any dirt off the radishes.

In a small sauce pot, combine butter, water and wine. Place radishes in the water and bring to a rolling boil. It should take about 15 minutes for them to soften; I still like a little crunch to mine so I try not to over cook them. Remove from heat. In a small bowl toss a generous pinch of sea salt, squeeze of the lemon and parsley. Cut up that bread, spread on some butter and snack away.

Who says bread and butter isn’t exciting?

Love. HD