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Boots & Booties For Summer

Just because the weather is warmer doesn’t mean you need to ditch your boots and booties! They are a big part of this Summer’s biggest trends; the only adjustment to be made is going for neutral colors like beige, cream, brown and grey. Pair them with sun dresses, colorful skinny pants and jean shorts for a look that’s feminine yet edgy, fun and chic. Here are some of my favorite boots and booties on the market right now. Happy Shopping!

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  • Dana DeRuyck

    Grasie, quick question! What are your thoughts on ankle boots on short girls with short legs (like me– er, like a friend of mine)? Are boots with heels an absolute must do avoid the dreaded SLS (stumpy leg syndrome)?

    • Grasie Mercedes

      Hi Dana! It’s less about the heel and more about getting a boot or bootie that’s not too tall. Meaning one that hits you right at the top of your ankle or right below it. That way, you don’t cut off too much of your leg and make them look shorter :)

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