Book Crushes

One of my favorite things about reading is developing crushes on characters. It’s one thing to have a crush on a character in a movie, but it’s quite another to have one on a character from a book. Imagining a character in the way that the author’s words inspire you to is so much more exciting than looking at someone’s actual face. It’s your fantasy and nothing can be better than that. It’s sort of like how you’re so much more scared BEFORE the slasher jumps out from behind a bush. Sort of.

Here are a few of my favorite book crushes from over the years:

#1 Holden Caulfield – Catcher in the Rye

Holden is totally that strange boy who usually cut class, but those few days when he was there and he was sitting in the back, you found it hard to focus your attention on the blackboard at the front of the room. In spite of his childish behavior, there’s something about Salinger’s young misanthrope. Or, maybe it is his childish behavior that makes him so darn charming. He kills me, he really does.

#2 Mercutio – Romeo and Juliet

Juliet can have Romeo – I’m taking Mercutio. He’s witty, he’s cerebral and he’s a little bit dangerous. He’s totally a bookworm with a sword! If only they still made men that way. It’s too bad that the only real man in the play is the first to perish. Still, the fact that he stands up and fights to defend his friend only makes him sexier. Ghosts can be crush-worthy, right?

#3 Stanley Kowalski – A Streetcar Named Desire

Okay, so here’s the exception: If I’m being totally honest, I can’t tell if I’m in love with Stanley Kowalski or Marlon Brando. Marlon Brando as Stanley is the one case of the actual face being better than even the best imagination. He is so intrinsically linked to the image of that character that his face graces the cover of most readily available copies of the play. I dare any woman to try to imagine Stanley and not see Brando. Or imagine a better Stanley to crush on. Go on, I dare you.

#4 Sally Seton – Mrs. Dalloway

There can’t possibly be a man or woman alive who doesn’t fall head over heels for Miss Sally Seton. She runs naked through the halls of her BFF Clarissa’s mansion. She cuts the heads off of flowers and throws them in water just to watch them float. She leaves books out in the rain, she never wants to go to sleep and she’ll kiss you unexpectedly while you’re looking at the stars. She is impossible and irresistible. She is youth incarnate. Virginia Woolf captures first love better than anyone ever through Sally.

#5 John the Savage – Brave New World

In a world full of genetically engineered drones, of course the one real man is going to stand out. John the Savage, who is born outside the Sci-Fi World State, is a total dreamboat. He just wants to hold your hand and talk about Shakespeare. He just wants to love you in spite of the inevitable pain and suffering that will ensue. Plus, after growing up in the wilds of New Mexico, he’s probably one rugged hotcake.

Tell me your favorite Book Crushes in the comments section below!

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  • Estela Magana

    I love this :) Sad that lately my book crushes are all from young adult books….that says a lot (of sad) things about me, doesn’t it?

    • Jessica Lyn

      That does not say a thing about you Estela! “Grown up books” don’t make heros (or heroines) like the YA fiction does. Maybe us adults have gotten a little jaded with our writing…

    • Stephanie Ulakovic

      i feel the same here i felt so strange going into the ya section at the book store even as a twenty something but i refuse to be one of those ladies reading those romance novels lol i mean come on who doesnt like the idea of edward or jacob from twilight????(yes i admitted that) the whole point of reading is to escape from reality and i want books that let me do so and unfortunatly im drawn to ya novels

  • Kristi Smith Huxford

    my current book crush is Logan Thibault from Nicholas Sparks The Lucky One

  • Caz Lessels

    Oh yes! How very true – I’m in love with Inspector Salvo Montabano in the Amdrea Cammerli series of books.

  • Clara G. Kelley

    How about Peter in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? He’s so brave <3

    • Jessica Broadbent

      I always liked Edmund from the Narnia series. He just seemed a bit more like me than Peter, who was just a little too wonderful.

  • Elaina Davis

    Peeta from the Hunger Games. ::sigh::

  • Aamina Malik

    Sirius Black, from the Harry Potter books. (I swear I liked him way before Gary Oldman started playing him) Lol :p

    Oh, and I liked a few of the guys from The Outsiders novel….Dallas, Sodapop, and Darry.

  • Jo-Ana Dolojan Chase

    Oh, I agree with your choice of Mercutio! He was far more interesting than cardboard Romeo. I had a crush on Sydney Carton from a Tale of Two Cities. He was such a good bad boy, giving it all up in the end for the woman he loved and knew he would never have. *sigh*

  • Olivia Rose

    Right now? A.T. Tappman or Yossarian or Nately of Catch-22 fame.

  • Robyn Pennington

    I had a long time crush on a character named Jean-Claude for the longest time. He’s a sexy French vampire in a series called Anita Blake Vampire Hunter. It’s not the fact that he was a sexy vampire – that goes without saying – but he had the best, wittiest, most stubborn, most dynamite personality to go with his sexiness. I thought it was awesome. Now I go back and forth in my internal debate or whether or not I still crush on him because the author has dramatically altered his personality in the series

    • Sara González Escalante

      wow!!!!! I didn’t remember about the anita blacke saga! i loved it when I was a teen, so sexy and dangerous, I have to agree completely with you (PS This is actual quality vampire reading, not that Twilight rubbish)

  • Paris Martin

    Zooey Glass (Franny & Zooey), Oliver Mellors (Lady Chatterly’s Lover) & Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

    • Julia Hart Horowitz

      I almost put Zooey! But Holden won out in the end. It’s better this way, right? We can double date! Love you, P.

    • Brandy Happ

      Mr. Darcy! *swoon*

    • Maria Quaratino-Fulton

      Mr. Darcy! Definitely!

  • Cassie Bergman

    Two of my book crushes are Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre) and Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice)

  • Samantha Ritchie

    I had a good old crush on Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, hes just so sweet and honest you can t help but love him!…now hes probably a bit young for me.

  • Emily Powers

    Captain Wentworth from Persuasion and Henry from Time Traveller’s Wife, swoon…

    • Elizabeth P. Fink

      Oh Yes Captain Wentworth! I’d add Mr. Tilney from Nothanger Abbey!

  • Rachelle Letain

    I second the Charlie in Perks of Being A Wallflower crush… back in the day. :)

  • Emily Heath

    Henry Tilney from Northanger Abbey, I love how he teases Catherine. I know it’s fashionable to say, but Eric Northman from the Sookie Stackhouse books is just perfection. Mr Darcy goes without saying really. Also Mark Darcy from Bridget Jones’s Diary. I could probably go on but I wont!

  • Emily Heath

    Oh, and also Hunter from the Wicca/Sweep series was my first love! Haha.

  • Becky Hermann

    TwoBit from the Outsiders. Hands down.

    • Naomi Prale

      Oh, absolutely.

  • Kat Tront

    I’m with Elaine, Peeta all the way!

  • Alice Mh

    Hamlet! OMG! He’s madness is so sexy!
    And obviously Mr. Darcy from P&P but who doesn’t love him?

  • Melissa Connor

    I will forever love Nick Carraway from The Great Gatsby.

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