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Boo, I Was Wrong About Your Royal Doulton Figurines

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Here at The Heatley Cliff, we are all about Modern Manor Living. And part of living this lifestyle is being able to embrace the fact that deep down, our spirit animal is the Grandma. We love anything that can be termed “Grandma Chic”. Chintz, Lace, Porcelain, Manners, Candles… but we draw the line at the movie Cocoon and Bingo. I personally could watch Golden Girls all day long but anything with Jessica Tandy turns me into a complete mess and I hate board games of any kind.

We both embody Grandma chic pretty similarly but there is one difference.

Amy is a particular fan of Royal Doulton figurines.

Shudder. They tend to creep me out. And when I saw her figurines, I put on a polite smile and pretending to be interested.  I’m a horrible, lying people pleaser.

In fact, this week’s podcast was forced upon me but since I love my non-sexual life partner I researched and recorded about the infamous Royal Doulton.  I discovered that if there is a historical figure, holiday, celebrity, royal event or literary character, Royal Doulton has captured it. And after said research… dare I say it… but I was wrong. Not all of these figurines are creepy and look like this…

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I guess what I’m trying to say is that part of growing as a person is being able to accept that your life views can change. And that part of being open minded is embracing tradition, history and that being a good friend means appreciating what they hold dear and meaningful.

Even if they are Royal Doulton figurines.

So Boo, I was wrong about your Royal Doulton Figurines. You’re right. They can be pretty, decorative in a classy way and demonstrate to others how much you love them.

Here is the one that I want for my birthday.


Image from Sea Way China

Her name is Cheryl. She costs $300.

The price you pay for creating a Royal Doulton loving monster.

Thanks, Boo.

Tune in this week to The Heatley Cliff to learn more about Royal Doulton, our Jams, our friendship and Modern Manor Living.