‘Bones': An interview with Emily Deschanel and Michaela Conlin

Let me just start by saying I am completely and utterly obsessed with Bones. I started watching Bones last year, towards the end of my school year, however, after watching one episode, I always felt compelled to watch another. So I ended up watching five seasons and half of season six. In under two weeks. So when I got the opportunity to go to the Bones set and interview Emily Deschanel, I think I may have died for a short moment. And when I actually got to the set, I was offered to interview Michaela Conlin, who plays Angela Montenegro, and I about died a second time. And before you start reading the interview, know that my whole body was shaking on the inside and thought I might pass out.

So now that we all know your character is having her baby on Monday’s episode, I think everyone is wondering: how is the relationship going to change between Brennan and Booth?

I don’t really think the relationship is going to change, but just develop a little more. They have always been like an old married couple, where they depend on each other. Their characters grow and form based on the other, where they are able to change but they still are based off of each other.”

Do you think Brennan and Booth might end up walking down the aisle now that they have a child?

“Similar to the answer before, it really depends on each other – like, they both said they didn’t want a children, but here they are. But if they did get married, it would probably be at the end of the series.”

Does your son Henry look like you or your husband?

“At first he looked like David, but babies change almost daily. Sometimes he looks like my dad, sometimes a little bit of me, but we will just have to wait until he is older to see who he looks like.”

Were you excited to start filming Bones again?

“No, of course not. I don’t think any mother wants to leave their child, especially a baby. But I did miss everyone. They ended up giving me 12 weeks off instead of 6, and at 6 weeks, there was no way I was ready to go back.”

What is the best part of being on Bones?

“After working together for so long, we are like a big family. It’s fun being with the cast and crew because we know each other so well and are all so close.”



I was lucky enough to interview Michaela Conlin as well, and she was one of the nicest people I have ever met.

Are you excited for Bones to start again?

“I am really excited… It is always nice to see what the other actors are doing on the show, because you don’t always get to work together. It’s nice to see when Brennan gives birth on the show. I just saw that for the first time at the Paley center, and none of us had seen it. We were backstage watching it and it was a big moment for the series, so it’s always really cool when the show is actually airing and you get to see what everyone has been doing.”

What is your favorite part of being in the Bones production?

“It’s such a great group of people, which I think is a really rare thing after a show has been on for so long, that we genuinely like each other. Emily is a very good friend of mine; we have a lot of friends in common outside of work. I think any of us would really do anything for each other, legitimately, and I’m not just saying that because this is being recorded. We would just help each other out in any capacity, and we spend so much time together – every morning, every afternoon, every night and holidays and weekends, and so it’s just like a dysfunctional family, for sure.”

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