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This Latina fashion blogger refuses to stop loving her body

Jessica Torres www.instagram.com

Personal style is exactly that: personal. It’s different for everyone, which is what makes it so exciting. The same could be said about body-positivity. Body-positivity (or bo-po for short) means accepting your body even as it changes — whether it’s in physical ability or size, regardless of age or lifestyle choices.

It takes time to see your body as a masterpiece in constant progress, and even though clothing can make this process more difficult, it can also make it easier. Jessica Torres is one example of the bo-po movement. As a body-positive fashion blogger and reporter, Torres, who’s from the Bronx with Ecuadorian roots, is helping men and women realize their beauty no matter what shape or size they come in.

The now-fashion lover didn’t always feel confident in her body or style. In fact, it wasn’t until college that she really embraced her own fashion sense, and decided to show it off.  In an interview with mitú, Jessica said,

“When I got to college I met friends who were unapologetically themselves and made me realize that I could start living my best life now, not 10 or 50 pounds later. I also discovered fashion blogs at that time and I became obsessed. I would go onto these blogs and save the pictures hoping they would encourage me to be brave enough to wear something bold and not be embarrassed about my body.”

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