Black Eyeliner: How To (Or Not?) with HelloGiggles' Erin Foster

In her latest episode of How To (Or Not?) for Look TV and HelloGiggles, Erin Foster gets catty! A black eyeliner pencil, a black liquid liner, confidence, and a steady hand are all you need to create a perfect black eyeliner look that is bold and sexy. Don’t be afraid to go inside your eye to line the lid! What’s your favorite eyeliner? Do you ever use crazy colors?

  • Tori Plante

    Liked this a lot! Really short and simple, would love to see more like it! Especially because I was a tomboy growing up so all this feminine stuff can seem so foreign to me sometimes lol

  • Deanna Gallichan

    I never knew not to make a curl… all these times I try to do a “cat eye”… thinking I have to wing the line up. It turns out looking weird and I just take it off. THANK YOU for enlightening me. I’m excited to try this again, with the technique in this video. 😀

  • Valentina Diaz

    i always tried to do it all just with the wet pencil, and it takes forever! and i doesnt look as good. thnx a lot! hahaha wanna do it every day

  • Lyna Lion

    Ohhh NICE TRICK have to try ASAP. like tomorow. :-)

  • Sweetmiss M. Degnan

    Thank you! Now, do you ever line the bottom too?

  • Rifka Sibarani

    wow!! thank u

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