Birthday Boss Collects Classmates' Kisses

It’s my birthday this week, so little Shafa, the adorable girl shown in this video receiving tributes and trembling cheek kisses from her male classmates, is obviously my personal hero and spirit animal. Although Shafa has only reached the tender age of four, the way she is working this line like a boss (with either her mom or teacher beside her doing yeoman wing-service) should be an inspiration to any of us who’ve felt under appreciated or overextended when it comes to the boys and/or men in our lives.

Jump through all the flaming hoops you want, but there are times when you just need to sit there and let the (often hilariously awkward) love come to you. So do yourself a solid: the next time you feel intimidated by someone you like, watch this video and remember that inside they all feel like these little dudes. As for that sad-sack armpit-length half-hugger at the end? Girl, we’ve all met and dated guys like that. At least he made eye contact when he shook your hand, and don’t forget, that’s usually how shy guys spell R-E-S-P-E-C-T. And that’s one gift you should always return.

Video by ronyshafa on YouTube