Bingoheads: Molls & Ed Do The BingoBlitz Tournament

I got this email a few weeks back from this chick Christina who was all like, “Hey girl, love you, love your dog, love Ed. I work for this Facebook app called BingoBlitz and we’re having a bingo tournament in Vegas and want you and Ed to come check it out.”

So obviously I was feelin’ that.

I have been such a Curious George about bingo ever since I went to a Planned Parenthood bingo night recently. I just want to know about bingo culture and the bingo lifestyle. I want to get licensed to be a bingo caller in Las Vegas and work there for two months out of the year, just calling numbers and soaking in the scene.

Ed was in too, and we took the free hotel room and airfare and did it up. As you can tell from the video, things were really intense and quiet in the BingoBlitz room, but Ed and I always laugh a ton and enjoy the details.

Mad apologies to anyone I interviewed in this video, I know you want me to die. Especially the dude who won and looked at me like, “Don’t film me, bitch, I’m on parole.”

Sorry about that.

Thanks to Las Vegas for not doing us too dirty and the four dollars I won on that Sex and the City slot machine. Thanks to Gilley’s in Treasure Island for letting us purchase food from you. Wish you guys had had a Surf n’ Turf. Ed and I agree that it’s really what’s missing from your menu and that we’d be repeat customers only when we were assured that the Surf n’ Turf had been added to your menu.

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