Bing Search of the Week: Visiting Los Angeles

I’ve lived in Los Angeles 2 years now and I still feel like a stranger to the city. I’ve gotten stuck in a horrible rut of going to the same restaurant, same coffee shop, same movie theater… I think you get it. Since it’s Summer, a lot of my friends have been coming to visit me. They are all under the impression that I spend my days sipping on mimosas with reality TV stars and my nights attending movie premieres. (It’s more like watching Seinfeld re-runs and ordering in Kung Pao Chinese Bistro). But as a host I wanted to give them the “Hollywood” experience they were hoping for. To help plan my friends visit I turned to the new Bing.

To start our day out I wanted to do something active. I know there are tons of hiking trails nearby but I had no idea how to choose. I searched “Hiking trails in Los Angeles” and used the new Bing social features – which integrate social networks, like my Facebook friends, into my search  -to ask my friends which trail they suggest.

With the help of Bing and my Facebook friends I was able to find a hiking trail with an amazing view of the Hollywood sign. Check it out…

After hiking, I wanted to take them to Brunch. I mean, you can’t visit Los Angeles and not go to brunch. Where else can you eavesdrop on out-of-work actors talking about juice cleanses? Usually I hit up my all-time favorite Cafe Gratitude, but I wanted to give my friends more of a “Hollywood” experience. I turned to my good friend Bing again,  and we decided on Chateau Marmont.

This could not have been a better choice. My friends loved it because they got to see one of their favorite celebrities (shout out to Jennifer Aniston), and I loved it because the bartender was very generous with the champagne in my mimosa.

Next, I wanted to take them to a TV show taping. My favorite late night talk show host is Jimmy Kimmel. Using Bing I was able to easily find tickets to a taping.

Finally it was time for Dinner. Usually I hate fancy restaurants. When I order a salad, I expect a salad… not a single leaf and an anchovy. I used Bing to track down a nice restaurant with great comfort food and found BOA Steakhouse.

Seriously, how good does this plate of carbs look? I probably need to start hiking more…

With the help of Bing, my friends’ visit to Los Angeles was a success. Not only did they have a great time, but I have gotten out of my rut and found some awesome new places I will definitely be visiting again.


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