Billy Ray Cyrus Just Dropped A Hip-Hop Sequel To ‘Achy Breaky Heart'

You will see hookah smoking, Larry King, semi naked aliens ladies, Miley’s dad and line dancing… W.T. H.

david real life

  • Kelly Armstrong

    what on earth did I just watch?

  • Maria Clara Bruno


  • Kristyn McEntee


  • Cally Sarnowski

    LOL Apparently Ark Music Factory is now making videos for well-known celebrities. ah ha ha.

  • Dre Burke

    I can’t unsee that sadly

  • Krystin Morris

    What the… What?!

  • Stevie Johnson

    I can’t believe that many people got together and thought “yes this IS a good idea!”

    This video is a big ol reminder of why we need feminism.

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