BFFs of the Week

Zooey and Molls

This is where I introduce you all my best friend of the week. Whether they exist or are simply girl crushes that I would want to be BFF’s.  BFFs are what make the world go round.

It’s seems fair to have my first post be about the ultimate kind of BFF, the kind you get to work with!

CO-FOUNDER BFFs, that is what Molly McAleer and Zooey Deschanel are to me.  They are special to me in different ways. First off Zooey is my long lost twin, like the one in The Parent Trap where we went our whole lives without knowing each other, and once we met our worlds changed. No one is more loyal than Zooey. She manages to be encouraging and thoughtful in almost every sentence she speaks. That’s super rare, guys! I would have been best friends with Zooey at summer camp. We would have killed the talent show with our rendition of “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.” KILLED IT.

Molly on the other hand I don’t think I would have been a friend with at camp because I would have been too intimated by her coolness. Molly and I would have more likely become friends after high school as we both were starting a new job as assistants. I see us having bonded over how crazy our new boss was and how much wearing heels sucks. Molly is the most authentic human on earth, she is funny, smart and super loving.

In business it’s hard to incorporate friendship. I am so lucky to say it’s more than just incorporated – it’s a necessity.  These girls have changed my life for the better. They have shown me trust and respect in the most beautiful way. Also, who wouldn’t want two awesome, funny, pretty brunettes on their speed dial?

Image by Justin Coit

Sophia Rossi is a producer and co-founder of HelloGiggles. She loves Sweet Valley High more than she should. Follow her here:  twitter or tumblr.